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Talking: I was in the mother fuckin mall right, know what im sayin? This one chick ran up on me, she was like damn lil buddy Whats your name? Where you from?

Where yo girlfriend at? I was like hold up, pump ya whats up mit der pussy lyric, let me hit you wit a question! Chorus: Whats up wit the pussy, Whats up with the pussy? Dont act like that girl, like you dont wanna give it to me.

My dicks on swoll and I know yo pussy wet. Ya mouth saying no but ya body saying yes repeat. Verse 1: Whatcha doing girl, Wit all that poking from the back? If ya tat, tat tatted up, can I see yo tats? Meet me in the back, where the VIP section at, tell me this when the club close where yall headed at? Cuz I got a penthouse suit, at the W, So if you aint doin nothing feel free to slide through and we can get drunk, get our roll on, get high too, you said your boyfriend dont like ya whats up mit der pussy lyric nevermind dude, Cuz tonight is yo night, yea one of those nights, Where Anything goes so just go with the flow, I wont tell a soul so jump up whats up mit der pussy lyric them clothes And ge-ge-ge go head and party like a rockstar, I know you like my dreads come and whats up mit der pussy lyric wit a Rasta, dont kiss me in the mouth, head straight for the boxers.

We can get freaky deaky and play coppers and robbers, I only have one question. The first time I saw her. Verse lehrer die hande gebunden spanked rock Aye girl you look sweet and tender big round booty, tall and slender Im trying score wit you mama cuz you know Im a winner Whats up wit the nookaye Know you got that gushy That wet-wet messy get everyone like milk and cookies Brazillian or bushy Wanna hit this kushy?

Go head, get loose And let me inspect that pretty tooshie Money long for that gushy Gone wit that bushy Sprinkle you like salt and pepper Wit Ones if you can push it!

Real good make a playa feel good Girl you give me chills, In them heels, wit them rocks in ya ears I give you ones, fives, swiftly, tens, twenties, fifties You and her, can yall belly dance like some gypsies Do it wit yo shirt off, do it wit no pants, bet you wont come over my house And do it wit sexy nakene damer eksotisk massasje oslo hands We can do the dog and pony show like in the video Aww thats cool but really doe, all I wanna know is.

Dont act like that girl like you dont wanna give it to me. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Lyrics Juney Boomdata. Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Talking: I was in the mother fuckin mall right, know what im sayin? Ya mouth saying no but ya body saying yes repeat Related. You gotta check out.

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