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Hi this is Brian again. If you remember me from my previous adventures I have it pretty good. I live across the street women to fuck in hungary a gymnast, Amy, and regularly fuck her. She loves my big fat 10 inch cock, especially the 4 inch wide head. We usually do it in the afternoon after school before her Mom gets home. We are both 18 and seniors. We have come close to getting caught especially the first time when I got my cockhead stuck in her when it went past her cervix.

We try to be as careful as we can because I'm not sure if her parents would like finding out I am fucking their daughter. That brings me to today' story, I still can't believe this stuff happens to me. I am home from school and by myself watching TV in my den. My parents are still at work and won't be home for a couple of hours. Amy is off at some gymnast camp for the whole week so I haven't shot my load in a few days.

I'm not really into what's on Women to fuck in hungary instead I'm daydreaming women to fuck in hungary Amy's tight gymnast ass and sweet pussy.

My big cock is getting semi hard when the doorbell rings. I really don't want to deal with some salesman or kid selling candy but I get my 6' 2" lb. I open the door prepared to tell whoever is there to get lost when I am surprised to see Amy's Mom.

I have only met her a couple of times since they haven't lived there very long and I am usually only there in the afternoon while they aren't there, fucking her daughter.

I know she is in her late 30's and I have only seen her in business attire so I am a little shocked to see her standing there dressed like she is.

She is taller then Amy, about 5' 4", and though not as muscular she is definitely in shape for her age. I notice something about her causes me to stare. She has a huge pair of tits. They are at least 36 DD's I know this because she is wearing a tight white tank top and a pair of cotton workout shorts.

I slowly tear my eyes from them and gulp managing to say "Uh, hi Mrs. Jones" She smiles at me and with a sweet voice say's "Hi, Brian. Are your parents home? I women to fuck in hungary something I need to discuss with you.

I wonder if Amy has told her women to fuck in hungary our sexual escapades. I decide to play it cool and say, "Sure come on in. My semi hard on is not going down and I could of sworn she glanced at it as she walked in.

She is Amy's Mom so I have to watch myself, but not having shot my load in a week is making it difficult. I lead her to the den and we sit down on the couch. I am wearing a t-shirt and gym shorts so I have to be careful how I arrange my package so it's not so noticeable.

She sits on the couch a couple of feet from me and turns and smiles again. I answer, "Yes Ma'am I like Amy a lot. I don't think she is wearing a bra. Did she see us? Did Amy tell her? I say, "Oh Mrs. Jones I can explain. My daughter is very hot.

I can understand how a big stud like you would be interested in that tight ass of hers. She say's "Just to lets you know, I found out about you two because I came home early one day and heard noises from her bedroom. The door women to fuck in hungary open a little and I peeked in and saw her riding that huge cock of yours.

I couldn't take my eyes women to fuck in hungary it. When you were done and pulled that huge head out I knew I had to have it.

Jones, I don't know, your Amy's Mom and stuff women to fuck in hungary you are married. I could get in a lot of trouble. I added things up in my head and sighed and said, "OK, if you promise not to tell anyone, I'll do whatever you want. I saw you looking at my tits earlier. Do you like them? I said, "Oh yes Mrs. Jones they are fantastic. My name is Beth.

Do you want to see them? She lifted up her tank top and two of the most perfect tits rolled out and perched on her chest. They had that little bit of sag that all really big tits have women to fuck in hungary only means they are heavy. The areola's were about 2 inches across and stood out with puffiness that I love. The nipples were huge. As big around as my index finger and an inch long.

I was sure I was women to fuck in hungary. I know my cock was. I nodded. I looked at her and she nodded that it was OK. I reached out with my right hand and gently pinched the nipple on her left breast.

As I did a little drop of white milk appeared and rolled down her globe. I was awestruck. They have been doing that ever since I got the implants. Too bad my husband doesn't really like it. I have been dying for someone to suck them.

Brian, do you think you could do that for me? I looked up and stared her in the eyes and said "Yes Beth I could do that for you.

I got down on my knees in front of her and latched on to one of her nipples with my mouth. She groaned with pleasure and I began to suck. The milk started to flow some and it tasted really sweet. She was holding my head against her breast and she started to grind her hips a little.

I took that as a sign and reached up and cupped her pussy with my left hand. She was starting to get very wet and I knew she wasn't wearing panties. I switched to the other breast and the milk started to flow from that one too. I pushed her shorts to one side to give me better access to her cunt. She was shaved clean just like Amy is and had the same big clit.

As I continued to suckle her tit I shoved two big fingers in her and she really started to buck on the couch. I didn't want to rip her nipple off with my teeth.

She grabbed my head with both her hands and smashed it to her breast. It was kinda hard to breath, women to fuck in hungary I kept on sucking her milk. I was ramming my two fingers in and out of her pussy, which was surprisingly tight. I began stroking her G-spot and she stiffened and not women to fuck in hungary shot fluid from her cunt, I could have sworn the milk actually sprayed from her nipple into my mouth.

I released her nipple and pussy and leaned back watching her breathing heavily. She had an animalistic look to her face and said, "I have to have that big cock now. Where is your bedroom? As I pulled my t-shirt off she pulled my shorts down and I heard her gasp. I have never seen a cock this big. And the head is as big as a fist. Using both hands she stroked me and managed to get most of the sex mit altere frauen schwarz in her mouth.

The feeling was amazing but I knew I had to concentrate and not come too soon. She stood up and pressed those big leaking tits against me and grabbed my ass and said.

I got between her shapely legs and lined up my big knob with the entrance svensk porr tube thaimassage mjolby her pussy. I rubbed it back and forth across the opening and her clit. She was very wet and I was leaking a steady stream of precum. I positioned it at the opening and pressed forward.

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