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Born to a wealthy and influential family of hextech artificers in Piltover, Caitlyn swiftly learned the social graces of city life, but preferred to spend her time in the wilder lands to the south. Caitlyn returned from one of her long forays into the woodlands to find her home ransacked and empty. The family retainers were all dead, and no trace could be found of her parents. Caitlyn secured her home, and immediately set off in search of her mother and father.

Tracking quarry that does not want to be found within the confines of a city was very different from hunting in the wild, but, one by one, Caitlyn located the men who had invaded her home. She and her parents returned home and began to rebuild their lives, but something fundamental had changed in Caitlyn.

She had seen that Piltover could be a dangerous place, where ambition and greed were as deadly as a cornered beast. Caitlyn league legende miss fortune hentai had seen people in need of help, a host of souls lost and alone. And she had seen that she could help them. Though she loved her parents, Caitlyn had no desire to follow in their footsteps as an artisan, caitlyn league legende miss fortune hentai looked for a way to earn a living in the sprawling metropolis.

She established herself as an investigator of sorts, utilizing her skills as a superlative hunter to act as a finder of lost people and retriever of stolen property. The weapon was a thing of beauty, with specialized shells that enabled it to shoot with greater accuracy caitlyn league legende miss fortune hentai any rifle she had ever owned.

The weapon could also be modified to fire a variety of different ammunition types, and went with Caitlyn whenever she took a case. Her profession exposed Caitlyn to a great deal of strange encounters that taught her, first-hand, the dangers of untested hextech and rogue chemtech development.

Over the next few years, she quickly made a name for herself as someone to go to for help in matters both mundane and esoteric. One particularly traumatic case involving a missing hextech device and caitlyn league legende miss fortune hentai series of child abductions led to Caitlyn working closely with an agent of the Piltover Wardens; one who, like her, had developed something of an affinity for stranger cases.

Caitlyn refused to give up, even when the trail grew colder with every passing day. She chased it like a dog would a bone, and eventually, broke the case.

Caitlyn and the warden rescued the children after a battle with a host of rogue chimerics in the employ of a lunatic chem-researcher driven mad by his own concoctions. As she and the warden shared a celebratory drink, he offered her a job as a sheriff. Caitlyn now works as a highly respected officer within the ranks of the Piltover Wardens to keep order in the City of Progress - particularly in areas where overzealous hextech artisans cross the line of what is acceptable in Piltover.

She has recently partnered with a new recruit from Zaun, the brash and reckless Vi. How such an unlikely pairing came to be, and has proven to be so effective, is the subject of numerous wild rumors and tavern speculation among their fellow wardens and those they haul away to jail. She followed his gaze and saw cheering theater-goers spilling from the Drawsmith Arcade, a vaulted structure of colored glass and ironwork columns. They mingled with stall-holders selling refreshments and promenade-girls looking for a wealthy mark.

Mohan finally caught up to her, sweating and breathing hard. He bent at the waist and propped himself up with his palms on his knees. His blue uniform coat was askew and his hat tipped back over his head. Caitlyn took a moment to study their public-spirited helper. His clothes were finely-tailored and must once have cost him a pretty penny, but the cuffs were frayed and the elbows worn. Caitlyn dropped to one knee to look at the street from a different perspective.

The cobbles were slick from the evening rain and were caitlyn league legende miss fortune hentai trodden. Caitlyn league legende miss fortune hentai this angle, she saw the scuffs of heel marks on stone that only a running man would leave.

Caitlyn ran a winding path through the city, along seldom-traveled alleyways and crooked paths between the gables of tall, brick-fronted warehouses. She cut across busy streets, drawing cries of annoyance from those she barged out of her way.

The closer she came to the great canyon bisecting Piltover, the narrower the streets became, but she was betting she knew the shortcuts of Piltover better than Devaki. After a dozen twists and turns, she emerged onto a crooked street of undulating cobbles that followed the jagged line of the cliff.

Known locally as Drop Street thanks to the wheezing hexdraulic conveyer at the end that ran late into the night, it was deep in shadow. A group of fifteen Zaunites, a caitlyn league legende miss fortune hentai many of whom were intoxicated, gathered around the ticket booth. None of them were the man Caitlyn was looking for.

She turned and dropped to a crouch, resting the barrel of her rifle on a packing crate bearing the brand of Clan Medarda. A gentle hum built within the breech as she worked the action to ready a shot. She pulled the butt of the caitlyn league legende miss fortune hentai hard against her shoulder and slowed her breathing. Her cheek pressed into the walnut stock and she closed one eye as she took aim through the crystalline lenses. Devaki swung around the corner, his long coat billowing out behind him and his hat a tall silhouette.

He appeared to be in no hurry, but then, he believed he had shed his pursuers. Caitlyn focused her aim on the pneumatic monstrosity and squeezed the trigger. He cried out and fell back, his hat toppling from his head as the case fell to the ground. Devaki looked up, his eyes widening in pain and surprise as he saw Caitlyn. He turned to run, but Caitlyn had been waiting for that.

She toggled a thumb-switch on the breech and pulled the trigger again. This time the beam struck Devaki in the back and exploded in a web of crackling energy. Caitlyn powered down her rifle and slung it over her shoulder as she walked toward the fallen Devaki. No one in Piltover would dare touch that kind of banned hex, but someone, maybe in Noxus? Can you have one without the other?

And what does either have to do with justice? Maybe it depends on who you ask. If you asked me, well, the young me, justice comes by cracking skulls. A pair of them, two from the seven I had caught vandalizing a row of shops and cafes down on Horologica Avenue.

One is snoring from the light tap I gave him, but the other is wide awake, and quite the fan of colorful language. We are going to expose your system of oppression and tear it down. I look at his clothes. New, clean. How do you sleep at night? The urge to feel a ribcage wrap around my knuckles that on some days is damn near overpowering. But I tamp it down. Kepple raises an eyebrow. The creaking wooden desk is smothered, hidden beneath a forest of brass pneuma-tube capsules and the endless forms, messages, and edicts that they contain.

The sheriff is lost somewhere in that forest, rummaging through warrants and mandates and the demands of her bosses and the merchant clans. If you ask me, I went easy on them. Cait finally stops hunting around her desk. Those sapphire eyes flick up to me. This is something different. Something new. Splitthey call it. Usually a split is clean and even.

In this case, some rich merchants got excited about digging a canal, too excited caitlyn league legende miss fortune hentai make sure the land was stable. They put half of Zaun under water. Drowning people in service of commerce, and the way that commerce has been divvied since, is pretty far from clean or even. I frown. Cait gives me a tired grin. I cross my arms over my chest.

This is new. Those kids you tuned up happened to have spawned from Clan Medarda, and their parents want your head. She holds up a sheaf of vellum missives. I can make out the calligraphy through the light coming in from the window. From that same window I hear the beginnings of a crowd gathering—an angry one. And appearances must be kept up. This is getting better by the minute. And it keeps me from punching a hole in the wall. Dawn settles into morning by the time I reach the Rising Howl.

The crowds outside the Hall of Law gave me jeers and a few tossed stones as I left, but they knew caitlyn league legende miss fortune hentai than to get too close.

They clung to the Hall where they could stay seen, and keep their teeth in their heads. It feels strange to walk the city without bbw anal gape arschloch extrem gauntlets, my hands still wrapped up from the day before.

I left anything that could tie me to the Wardens back at the Hall, anything to tie me to Piltover, really.

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