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Behold the wondrous, the strange, the odd, deranged, The beautiful, the hideous! Get you a ticket, you wouldn't wanna miss it! The shock neue kongress freak show xxx lyrics all the fright and surprise, Gather around, feast your eyes! Young and old, ladies and gentlemen Here we go! This is the freakshow! Well, hello, I'm [? Oh, I'm swinging from hooks on the ceiling While I'm jugging knives juggling knives If you can't handle suspense Then you should cover your eyes cover your eyes 'Cause I am macabre, yes I am odd You should buy tickets today Hooray!

Though I wish I could stay, no promises made We're waiting to here the announcer say: Behold the wondrous, the strange, the odd, deranged, The beautiful, the hideous! I was freed from the shadows I'm currently dwelling Strangely effective is death, seems to come again Dying repeatedly, endless and seemingly Following steps that Houdini took seriously They shoot me, and stab me so eagerly Broken and managed, unstructured and tangled Completely unphased, not even a scratch And twelve hours later, some dust, I'm back!

And people would gather from miles neue kongress freak show xxx lyrics witness Me blow out my brains, and only need stitches They'd cheer and scream, and tell me they love it When blades would be eaten by only my stomach Ingesting of poison, or surgically cutting my heart from chest But it would never stop running So ladies and gentlemen, gather around And watch as the bizarre and undying is found Wow!

Some of your know me, monkey the homie If not, you can blow me "Don't dare get to close, he might be too nosy" I'll splatter some matter all over your clothing That's why I'm locked away all day 'Cause unlike my anger, I can be caged Take your kids to another exhibit I smell their mom's cunt, and I'm gonna lick it I'm sorry, faggot, was that too explicit? Then get the fuck out, go chill with the midgets I'm sick of you bitches complaining so much Show me some titties and shut the fuck up The [?

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