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Portraying the eldest daughter of the blended family, McCormick starred as the popular and insanely beautiful Marcia from the time she was 12 until she was 17 — living out her formative years in front of millions of television viewers. McCormick reprised brady bunch marcia maureen mccormick role as the bubbly, fresh-faced character each time, but throughout it all, no one knew that her real life was snowballing out of control behind the scenes.

Drug abuse, an eating disorder, and depression are just a few of the battles she faced, proving that her upbringing and her adult life were far more harrowing than any The Brady Bunch episode ever was. Keep reading to learn all about the tragic real-life story of Maureen McCormick. Growing up as the youngest of four kids, McCormick suffered from anxiety due to her tumultuous family life.

Her real life — with all of the abuse, drug use, and dysfunction — was obviously in direct contrast from her TV lifeand that caused McCormick to feel like she was hiding a deep, dark secret. No one suspected the fear that gnawed at me even as I lent my voice to the chorus of Bradys singing, ' It's a Sunshine Day.

Her mother, Irene, had also contracted the STD while in brady bunch marcia maureen mccormick. I thought that I would also go insane and end up in a mental institution. It was awful," she said. While detailing her life story to Newsweekthe actress said the mere thought of contracting the highly contagious infection helped her in an usual way while filming The Brady Bunch.

McCormick's mom eventually passed away from kidney cancer in According to E! Years later, she claimed they were still on the outs. Finally, after doing that for so long, I thought, she'll call me when she wants to, and hopefully she will. I was 18 and had no idea what it was brady bunch marcia maureen mccormick how to do it, but everyone there said, 'Don't worry, just watch us. Now here, take a toot.

I had sex to get the drugs. McCormick's year battle with bulimia reportedly began after she enrolled into a public brady bunch marcia maureen mccormick school at the age of Once I started [purging], it was hard to stop. That made me so self-conscious," she said. After the death of her mother, McCormick was faced with the decision brady bunch marcia maureen mccormick place her mentally disabled brother, Denny, in a group home. During that time, she packed on 30 pounds because she "wasn't exercising, just eating and sleeping a lot.

McCormick kicked her cocaine habit after marrying Cummings inbut the side effects of her drug use threatened her life. She also had very vivid dreams, and at one point, she was convinced that she had committed a murder and would be locked up in jail. Her paranoia even caused her to threaten to commit suicide in front of her husband. It took a depression diagnosis and a prescription for antidepressants to help her life do a complete Maureen McCormick said her " very addictive personality " deeply pained others.

I wish I could take back all the pain that I caused them. In the end, the actress told People that therapy and faith guided her down a path toward sobriety. But where was I? Today, McCormick is committed to inspiring those who face the same battles she dealt with. That's what we're all here for on this Earth, right? To help each other and to talk about our experiences because that's how we all heal and get better.

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