As Naruto heard me coming. You become quite the Hokage there son. I did hear about massacre that happened in the Chunin Exams.

It is amazing to see that Sasuke is redeemed. But not all the credit goes to him, Boruto also helped and ended the Otsutsukis. I know you felt really bad about what happened son.

The real problem was is that the history of mischief repeated itself. And it was because of what really happened to me and Minato. We nearly sasuke und naruto kushina hentai trying to real hot girls out west dyke you from the Nine Tailed Beast when you were just a newborn during the 3rd Shinobi Sasuke und naruto kushina hentai War.

What are you doing here? Kushina: Awww Boruto Uzumaki. And Naruto my son. Since Kurama is your ally. Hopefully the painful memories of the past will be entirely long gone. Standing tall and a proud Hokage. And you must be the little one Boruto Uzumaki and sasuke und naruto kushina hentai course Himawari Uzumaki. And I am certainly looking to our greatest Clan reunion of a lifetime. Kushina: Awww Boruto. It is so good to see you and so as your little sis Himawari.

I am very proud of you. You have become quite the Hokage. And this must be the little ones Boruto and Himawari. Sasuke und naruto kushina hentai for all of us. I have been looking forward to our greatest reunion of a lifetime. We should all celebrate. I am grateful that you are pride of me.

Too bad Hinata is in the Hyuga clan, but maybe she can join us later! Known her for about 4 to 5 years. Kushina: I used to see Hiashi and his wife when she was pregnant while going through my pregnancy. Minato: And Boruto. Your momma Hinata, aunt Hanabi, and grandpa Hiashi will all be celebrating with us.

And Naruto the best place to celebrate is Ichiraku Ramen. Kushina: Which I think is the greatest place to celebrate. All Rights Reserved. All image rights belong to their respective owners. All files on this site are works of fiction and should be treated as so.

All characters are 18 years of age or older. Toggle Tags. Uzumaki Kushina — DarkAlx — Naruto. Previous Next Tip: You can navigate using your arrow keys. Kushina sasuke und naruto kushina hentai Minato. Minato and Kushina. Post a comment. Click here to cancel reply. Name Email. Related Hentai.

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