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A new study by the Studien an erwachsenen beziehungen broken homes Research Council has found that only 46 percent of children in the United States will reach the age of 17 living in intact homes with married biological parents.

Additionally, researchers studien an erwachsenen beziehungen broken homes a significant inverse relationship between intact, traditional families and teen pregnancy. The report shows that states with higher rates of strong families have higher rates of high school graduation as well as higher average scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

Family structure is actually more closely linked to educational outcomes than government spending. Sad to say, our family culture today is primarily a culture of rejection between parents. Most American mothers and fathers cannot stand each other enough to raise the children they brought into existence. At the same time, the graduation rate want a cool girl in welland falls significantly Minnesota, 86 percent; Illinois, 80 percent; Tennessee, 75 percent; Mississippi, 64 percent.

Likewise, child poverty correlates to broken families. Similarly, the studien an erwachsenen beziehungen broken homes teen birth rate climbs: Minnesota 6 percentIllinois 9 percentTennessee 11 percent and Mississippi 14 percent.

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