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One of the original "big three" of the shonen manga world was Tite Kubo's Bleachwhich is in fact slated to have its anime return in It's the story of Ichigo Kurosakia high school student who gains the powers of a Soul Reaper. All this abwesend rand der rechten brust when he met his first Soul Reaper, Rukia Kuchiki.

But there are also some compelling reasons why Rukia ought to end up with Renji instead, both in the story and in fan fiction or fan art. Bleach hentai ichigo und rukia compare these two pairings for Rukia and see which is right for her. Chronologically, Rukia knew Renji before she met Ichigo, but for the viewers, Ichigo was the first person who met Rukia. For the next 20 episodes or so, Ichigo and Rukia had all kinds of adventures together, and this cemented their pairing early and firmly in many viewers' minds.

The early bird gets the worm, so to speak. This is a pretty solid reason why Renji is the best beau for Rukia: the author himself made it so. The exact details of Rukia and Renji's marriage are left off-screen, but they seem perfectly bleach hentai ichigo und rukia when they show up at the Kurosaki doorstep 10 years after Yhwach's defeat.

They've also finally learned how to wear human clothes well. Ichigo had to sexy nude girl snap haarige porno bilder the ways of the Soul Reapers as we went since hollow hunting was totally new to him.

Fortunately, he bleach hentai ichigo und rukia aided by his self-appointed mentor and instructor, Rukia herself. It was great fun to watch Rukia get used to human life while Ichigo was getting accustomed to fighting hollows at a moment's notice. They were stepping into each other's worlds, and they looked great while doing it. Yes, Ichigo also fights hard to protect Rukia, but he's the defender of all his friends, and his family too. He's stretched thin, while Renji's "I must protect them" sentiments are almost entirely focused on Rukia.

At first, he stood by his Captain Byakuya Kuchiki to uphold the law, but after he lost to Ichigo, Renji earnestly implored Ichigo to go and save Rukia from execution, whatever Captain Kuchiki or bleach hentai ichigo und rukia other Bleach hentai ichigo und rukia Reapers might think. That was big of him, to finally defy orders for Rukia's sake. Rukia has solid chemistry with Renji and some other characters, but her best on-screen chemistry is with Ichigo, without a doubt.

From the moment they first met, they played off each other in outstanding ways. They butt heads, they tease each other, they agree that Kon is annoying, they fight hollows together, and they both gradually start to think that the other is awesome, despite the flaws. It's such a great friendship and partnership that could become something more. Why is Renji so protective of Rukia if they are from separate Squads? They grew up together in the Rukongai district as street urchins who relied on close up penis uncut errichten other to survive.

They had a small gang of mutual friends, too. These flashbacks are fun to watch, and are bittersweet since Rukia and Renji endured hardships on the dusty streets but also had a lot of fun and enjoyed each other's company. They also discovered their talent for kido during this time. Renji took a big step when he defied Captain Kuchiki's orders to protect Rukia, but it was Ichigo who finished the job, and that counts for a lot.

Ichigo arrived at Sokyoku Hill, interrupted the execution, and released Rukia from the pylon. He then tossed her into Renji's arms and fought every hostile Soul Reaper in the area, from a handful of Lieutenants to Byakuya Kuchiki himself. This was one of the finest moments in the series when Ichigo crossed swords with Byakuya over Rukia's fate. Ichigo may have the powers of a Soul Reaper, but he is a human, not a Soul, and that changes things.

Being mortal, Ichigo will age and die, probably in his 80s or 90s or so. Rukia would live on long past that point. It would be hard on Rukia to lose Ichigo like that, but it won't be a problem with Renji. He's a Soul like bleach hentai ichigo und rukia is, and they have similar lifespans as a result. Renji and Rukia have a few centuries to be together, not a few decades. Ichigo and Rukia are two different species and have different lifespans, and that would complicate things.

But then again, that could also make their relationship even more interesting and fun while it lasts. If she spent the rest of Ichigo's life with him, she could tour the whole wide world with him and have a great time seeing all its wonders, bleach hentai ichigo und rukia and small. Over time, Byakuya Kuchiki came to accept Ichigo as a part of Rukia's life, but he really only put up with Ichigo and trusted him to fight for Rukia's sake in battle. No doubt Renji has done more to earn the Captain's approval.

If Renji married Rukia, then no doubt he did all the right things to impress the Captain, which would all be beyond Ichigo's ken. It takes a lot to be a partner in marriage beyond combat ability, and an aristocrat like Byakuya would be quite picky. It's incredible that Renji earned his approval. I have a passion for creative fiction and I've studied and practiced my craft for over bleach hentai ichigo und rukia years. Currently, I'm expanding my resume and skill set with jobs such as SEO writing and journalism.

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