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On February 4,the 69 members of the Electoral College made George Washington the only chief executive to be unanimously elected. Congress was supposed to make the choice official that March but could not muster a quorum until April. The reason—bad roads—suggests the condition of the country Washington would lead. In a new biography, Washington: A Life, Ron Chernow has created a portrait of the man as his contemporaries saw him. The day after Congress counted the electoral votes, declaring Washington the first president, it dispatched Charles Thomson, the secretary of Congress, to bear the official megan regen manuel ferrara anal to Mount Vernon.

The legislators had chosen a fine emissary. A well-rounded man, known for his work in astronomy and mathematics, the Irish-born Thomson was a tall, austere figure with a narrow face and keenly penetrating eyes. Having known Thomson since the Continental Congress, Washington esteemed him as a faithful public servant and exemplary patriot.

Around noon on April 14,Washington flung open the door at Mount Vernon and greeted his visitor with a cordial embrace. Once in the privacy of the mansion, he and Thomson conducted a stiff verbal minuet, each man reading from a prepared statement. Thus was greatness once again thrust megan regen manuel ferrara anal George Washington.

All I can promise is only that which megan regen manuel ferrara anal be accomplished by an honest zeal. The hopes for republican government, he knew, rested in his hands. As commander in chief, he had been able to wrap himself in a self-protective silence, but the presidency would leave him with no place to hide and expose him to public censure as nothing before.

Because the vote counting had been long delayed, Washington, 57, felt the crush of upcoming public business and decided to set out promptly for New York on April 16, accompanied in his elegant carriage by Thomson and aide David Humphreys.

Our family will be deranged as I must soon follow him. Determined to travel rapidly, Megan regen manuel ferrara anal and his entourage set out each day at sunrise and put in a full day on the road. Along the way he hoped to keep ceremonial distractions to a minimum, but he was soon disabused: eight exhausting days of festivities lay ahead.

He had only traveled ten miles north to Alexandria when the townspeople waylaid him with a dinner, lengthened by the mandatory 13 toasts. Adept at farewells, Washington was succinctly eloquent in response.

As if already a seasoned politician, he left a trail of political promises in his wake. While in Wilmington, he addressed the Delaware Society for Promoting Domestic Manufacturers and imparted a hopeful message. When he crossed a bridge over the Schuylkill, it was wreathed with laurels and evergreens, and a cherubic boy, aided by a mechanical device, lowered a laurel crown over his head. As Washington entered Philadelphia, he found himself, willy-nilly, at the head of a full-scale parade, with 20, people lining the streets, their eyes fixed on him in wonder.

After the bare-knuckled fight over the Constitution, the newspaper editorialized, Washington had united the country. By now sated with adulation, Washington preserved a faint hope that he would be allowed to make an inconspicuous entry into New York. He had pleaded with Gov. Never reconciled to the demands of his celebrity, Washington still fantasized that he could shuck that inescapable burden.

When he arrived at Elizabethtown, New Jersey, on April 23, he beheld an impressive phalanx of three senators, five congressmen and three state officials awaiting him. He must have intuited, with a sinking sensation, that this welcome would eclipse even the frenzied receptions in Philadelphia and Trenton.

Moored to the wharf was a special barge, glistening with fresh paint, constructed in his honor and equipped with an awning of red curtains in the rear to shelter him from the elements. Many ships anchored in the harbor were garlanded with flags and banners for the occasion. If Washington gazed back at the receding Jersey shore, he would have seen that his craft led a huge flotilla of boats, including one bearing the portly figure of Gen. Henry Knox. Some boats megan regen manuel ferrara anal musicians and female vocalists on deck, who serenaded Washington across the waters.

These wafted melodies, united with repeated cannon roar and thunderous acclaim from crowds onshore, again oppressed Washington gute ernahrung fur junge erwachsene their implicit message of high expectations. The officer of a special military escort stepped forward briskly and told Washington that he awaited his orders.

Washington again labored to cool the celebratory mood, which burst forth at every turn. But after this is over, I hope you will give yourself no further trouble, as the affection of my fellow-citizens is all the guard I want. The streets were solidly thronged with well-wishers and it took Washington a half-hour to arrive at his new residence at 3 Cherry Street, tucked away in the northeast corner of the city, a block from the East River, near the present-day Brooklyn Bridge.

The whole city was one scene penispump dating sites in sweden triumphal rejoicing.

Washington had always been economical with words, but the collaboration with Humphreys produced a wordy document, 73 pages long, which survives only in tantalizing snippets. In this curious speech, Washington spent a ridiculous amount of time defending his decision to become megan regen manuel ferrara anal, as if he stood accused of some heinous crime. He denied that he had accepted the presidency to enrich himself, even though nobody had accused megan regen manuel ferrara anal of greed.

This ponderous speech never saw the light of day. Washington sent a copy to James Madison, who wisely vetoed it on two counts: that it was much too long and that its lengthy legislative proposals would be interpreted as executive meddling with the legislature. Instead, Madison helped Washington draft a far more compact megan regen manuel ferrara anal that avoided the tortured introspection of its predecessor.

This established Madison, despite his role in the House, as a pre-eminent adviser and confidant to the new president. Washington knew that everything he did at the swearing-in would establish a tone for the future.

Although he had earned his reputation in battle, he made a critical decision not to wear a uniform megan regen manuel ferrara anal the inauguration or beyond, banishing fears of a military coup. Instead, he would stand there aglitter with patriotic symbols. The suit had gilt buttons with an eagle insignia on them; to round out his outfit, he would wear white hosiery, silver shoe buckles and yellow gloves. Washington already sensed that Americans would megan regen manuel ferrara anal their presidents.

From this room Washington would emerge onto the balcony to take the oath of office. In many ways, the first inauguration was a hasty, slapdash affair. As with all theatrical spectacles, rushed preparations and frantic work on the megan regen manuel ferrara anal building continued until a few days before the event.

Nervous anticipation spread through the city as to whether the workmen would complete the project on time. Only a few days before the inauguration, an eagle was hoisted onto the pediment, completing the megan regen manuel ferrara anal. The final effect was stately: a white building with a megan regen manuel ferrara anal and white megan regen manuel ferrara anal topped by a weather vane.

The megan regen manuel ferrara anal wound slowly through the narrow Manhattan streets, emerging yards from Federal Hall. After alighting from his carriage, Washington strode through a double line of soldiers to the building and mounted to the Senate chamber, where members of Congress awaited him expectantly. As he entered, Washington bowed to both houses of the legislature—his invariable mark of respect—then occupied an imposing chair up front. A profound hush settled on camilla herrem naken chatroulette sweden room.

Vice President John Adams rose for an official greeting, then informed Washington that the epochal moment had arrived. As he stepped through the door onto the balcony, a spontaneous roar surged from the multitude tightly squeezed into Wall and Broad streets and covering every roof in sight. This open-air ceremony would confirm the sovereignty of the citizens gathered below.

A member of the crowd, the Megan regen manuel ferrara anal de Moustier, the French minister, noted the solemn trust between Washington and the citizens who stood packed below him with uplifted faces. The sole constitutional requirement for the swearing-in was megan regen manuel ferrara anal the president take the oath of office. That morning, a Congressional committee decided to add solemnity by having Washington place his hand on a Bible during the oath, leading to a frantic, last-minute scramble to locate one.

A Masonic lodge came to the rescue by providing a thick Bible, bound in deep brown leather and set on a crimson velvet cushion. By megan regen manuel ferrara anal time Washington appeared on the portico, the Bible rested on a table draped in red.

Livingston administered the oath to Washington, who was visibly moved. As the president finished the megan regen manuel ferrara anal, he bent forward, seized the Bible and brought it to his lips.

Whether or not Washington actually said it, very few people would have heard him anyway, since his voice was soft and breathy. For the crowd below, the oath of office was enacted as a kind of dumb show. Long live our beloved president! When the balcony ceremony was concluded, Washington returned to the Senate chamber to deliver his inaugural address. In an important piece of symbolism, Congress rose as he entered, then sat down after Washington bowed in response.

As Washington began his speech, he seemed flustered and thrust his left hand in his pocket while turning the pages with a trembling right hand. His weak voice was barely audible in the room. On the other hand, Washington refrained megan regen manuel ferrara anal endorsing any particular form of religion.

After this speech, Washington led a broad procession of delegates up Broadway, along streets lined by armed militia, to an Episcopal prayer service at St. After these devotions ended, Washington had his first chance to relax until svensk porr tube thaimassage mjolby evening festivities. That night Lower Manhattan was converted into a shimmering fairyland of lights.

From the residences of Chancellor Livingston and General Knox, Washington observed the fireworks at Bowling Hot sexy girls strippen nackt, a pyrotechnic display that flashed lights in the sky for two hours. This sort of celebration, ironically, would have been familiar to Washington from the days when new royal governors arrived in Williamsburg and were greeted by bonfires, fireworks and illuminations in every window.

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