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I was 21 when I learned the valuable lesson of never hitting a casino bar alone, especially at a top resort hotel. It was Christmas time and I took a break from browsing a few shops on a Thursday afternoon, to stop inside one of the casino lounges.

I sat at the bar and ordered where to find hookers in buaale drink while two older gentlemen, were kissed by their wives who headed off to play free oral sex web cams machines.

The two men sat next where to find hookers in buaale me and soon indulged me in conversations, intrigued that I was a young lady all by myself. She said yes, so I invited her into our mix. I was a pretty innocent college girl and a virgin; so when she mentioned working at the bunny ranch in Pahrump, I truly thought she worked on a ranch with bunnies.

At some point, another beautiful blonde was standing near me and smiling as she saw the four of us having a few laughs. I turned to her and asked if she was alone and she said yes. I was fascinated by the coincidence! I told her that I had come here alone too, and in fact, we had all just met. I invited her to join us at the bar but she told me she had her eye on a fella sitting by himself at a table she pointed out.

I also had to pee. So I hopped off my stool and made my way to the restroom. The woman that worked at the bunny ranch motioned for me where to find hookers in buaale come over to her. Are…Are you? I sincerely apologized and she kindly understood. The brief distance back to my stool at the bar felt like the longest walk as I looked around where to find hookers in buaale what had become a haven of beautiful single women.

I sat back down and noticed the man that the blonde told me she had planned to sit with, was now standing next to me at the bar. I quickly asked the bartender to close me out, but not without buying a round for my two older gentlemen friends and the bunny ranch hooker. One of the men told me I was very sweet to buy them a round, but I felt it was only right since I was paranoid now that the two drinks he bought me were in his mind, a down payment of some sort.

Believe in karma? So you want to know how to spot the hooker at a casino resort? You really think this hot chick you just met at the bar is really just dying to sleep with you? Learn as I did. Yes, some women do that. Have fun and always be safe. By Joyce Lynda. Tags: Casino escorts gfe Hookers Las Vegas lucky lady.

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