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Enter a digit Phone Midget exotische tanzer birmingham alabama. Full report includes available information on owner's full namecurrent address, current location, family members, address history, phone type and phone carrier. They get all your information off the internet, then they start harrassing you. They are ridiculous. And if you call and try to be reasonable, they lie about who they are and what they are. And they never leave any messages.

If someone really wanted money from you, they won't have a problem leaving their name and number. Very shady. Don't send them anything!!! Call was in Spanish, seem to be a business solicitation. This is not the first time for this. This unsolicited number will be turned in to the Texas Attorney Generals Office. Thank you, Bill. The registered service provider was Pac.

Detailed listing info was not available. Best Advice: Don not reply the telephone ring when you dont know the midget exotische tanzer birmingham alabama. Why do we register our phones on the midget exotische tanzer birmingham alabama not call list if that list doesn't do what it states it will do? We still get calls from harrassing companies. I wonder if these companies give the information they collected over to the government.

Since the Freedom Act was created there are less and less liberties of freedom for the American Citizen. Said I won money and that there is a refundable one time fee. They even pronounced my last name wrong!

Have you been able to find out who midget exotische tanzer birmingham alabama number belongs midget exotische tanzer birmingham alabama They keep calling my house and hanging up after my husband and I told them to please midget exotische tanzer birmingham alabama calling. They wanted to know if we were interested in a mortgage and we are not interested.

I guess I made the caller mad and they are taking revenge. This was the creepiest call I have taken in 15 years of answering phones. Midget exotische tanzer birmingham alabama made threatening and sexually harassing comments. Claimed to be the brother of the business owner and gave a phony return phone number. I am fed up of receiving rings with 'Unknown Caller'. Credit card processing for business spammer. Listed as coming from Blackfoot, Idaho. They called numerous times leaving no message, sometimes 3 calls within 10 minutes.

When I finally answered they refused to identify the company they called from. Same as the rest. Automated call telling you to wait for a rep to reduce your credit card interest rate.

It's been going on for over a year. I have tried many combinations to get them to stop. They don't. The reps know they are calling people on the 'Do Not Call' list. So does at least one supervisor. They don't care about the list and it looks like the list midget exotische tanzer birmingham alabama do anything to stop them. Got a call from this number they said nackte frauen spanking manner cfnm was personal buisness and needed the last 4 digits of my ss number.

I ask who this was and they wouldnt say. The caller was from india it sounded like. It's a survey call to find out about your recent experience with Mercedes Benz service.

I called it back and that was the recording. Called in reference to my car insurance. Man, that's a long shift. He didn't midget exotische tanzer birmingham alabama for me by name nor did he leave his.

Doesn't he know that my car was taken away from me by the City of New York in ? Got a call yesterday from a woman who said she was calling in regards to my application for debt consolidation. Since I have no debt to consolidate and it took me several minutes and several pointed questions and she never would give me her name or the business name it must be a scam.

We will see if they call again. Using my lawyer early in the process made sure that I did not fall prey to Robert Randall Long from Houston. He's actually currently hiding behind a bankruptcy proceeding. They call everyday. I sometimes pick up but i dont say anything and neither do they. I dont even have wells fargo. Call about 5 times a day. The same thing happened to me, I've received several call from different 3's all from Credit Card Services Depending on who your cell carrier is, you can block these 's.

Caller was saying something about a home security system. Couldn't hear well because my kitchen phone has a problem with static.

I said 'I'm not interested,' and hung up because I was in the middle of cooking something and am on the do not call list and they shouldn't have called me in the first place.

This number calls my cell phone every day--for weeks. I do not answer it. Googled it --a real estate agent in Haymarket, VA. Find Out Who Called Me. Home Area Codes Remove. Post by Anonymous. Thank you, Bill Post by Anonymous. Major Post by Anonymous. The caller was from india it sounded like Post by Anonymous.

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