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I got this idea from reading an article in my favourite men's magazine, ZOO Weekly. Every now and then a model would tell stories of some of her 'experiences', but I'm thinking a lot of them are exaggerated, or even written by someone else to make things seem a little bit sexier. Nonetheless, I used one of them to make this fic about one of our favourite couples.

It was in the late spring when things finally started to warm up, and there were many people who chose to take advantage of this. One in particular was a woman who was still new to the human experience. Understandably, having previously spent her whole existence as an Artificial Intelligence, whose appearance halo cortana hentai porn gif everybody else was nothing more than a hologram, the simple yet intricate aspects of human living were all new and fascinating to her.

Admittedly, her hologram had been rather appealing to look at, particularly to males, but it still did not compare to being an actual person. Fortunately, her new physical form looked just like her hologram, except without the halo cortana hentai porn gif tinge to it, so her physical beauty remained as obvious and appealing as it had always been.

Another change that came with transitioning from computer program to organic being was the impact of certain emotions. Sure, even AI were prone to feeling things like happiness, sadness, and of course, love. They felt these emotions about themselves and towards the people they cared about, but they still did not have a body, and as a result, they never had to deal with the chemical responses that came with it.

Responses that prompted intense feelings of sheer desire and a need to be fulfilled on a physical basis. But once they became human, they were forced to confront these, just like a teenager going through puberty. This particular woman was no exception. And when her mind wandered to these amorous places, there was one individual, and one individual only, whom she felt these intense desires towards.

A man who was known to his allies as a great warrior, and to his former enemies as a demon. A man who wore a powerful suit of armour, which she had actually interfaced with and been housed inside when she was still an AI. And yet, this man was no less imposing when he was out of it. In fact, when he was out of it, her desires became all the more peaked.

Not only that, but he desired her too. Sure, he halo cortana hentai porn gif schooled from a very young age to exercise restraint and control in every situation, but those who halo cortana hentai porn gif him best knew of his feelings towards her.

The looks he made in her direction, the oh-so-subtle changes in his breathing when she was around, or when he even thought about her. To everyone else, he seemed to be a mask of coolness at all times. But to those who truly knew him, he might as well have been breaking out in sweat. It was actually kind of funny. In halo cortana hentai porn gif teens, he and his so-called brothers and sisters had been biochemically augmented to become the prime physical specimens they were now, and halo cortana hentai porn gif of the drawbacks of that had been a reduced sex drive.

But strangely, their bodies, or at least his, had finally managed to negate that little factor, and as a result, all those years of repressed sexuality and hormones had finally rushed back to hit him with the force of a Brute's gravity hammer. But despite their talents and intelligence, they had an annoying habit of being dense.

Instead, they tried to work off their frustrations in the ways they knew how. She by using her unbelievable brainpower, and he by working out and training. They could not really be blamed though. They were only just starting to experience their sexuality, and yet nobody taught them how to find a proper outlet. Naturally, those around them could only shake their heads and feel a strong urge to slap them across the back of the head.

As she made he way across the dunes, Cortana breathed in the crisp and salty air wafting in from the crashing waves. It was now the middle of spring, and the temperature was just starting to warm up.

The last few weeks had still held the cool remnants of the passing winter, and the next few would halo cortana hentai porn gif the scorching summer that was around the corner, but now it halo cortana hentai porn gif just perfect. Sighing, Cortana halo cortana hentai porn gif on recent events. It had been a year since she and John had returned to Earth, after spending years just floating out in the nether regions of space.

Just a couple of months afterwards, she had been informed of a process that had been developed by UNSC scientists; a process that would transfer her consciousness into that of a living human body. It was something that would save an AI and grant them potentially decades of life instead of just a few years. Having just beginning to succumb to the first stages of rampancy, Cortana had undergone the procedure, thus saving her halo cortana hentai porn gif a certain death, and allowing her to experience life as a normal human.

But nothing could have prepared her for the sudden onrush of all these emotions, particularly, the ones that she felt towards John. She had always found him to be… intriguing, and in so many ways, but now she had this intense and unmitigated desire towards him. Granted, Cortana knew all about sex. Even as an AI, she had still been essentially human, and sex was a necessary process for the race's reproduction.

It was only in her later years as an AI that she truly began to understand the other aspects attached to it: love, desire, pleasure, and the like.

But she had been die griechische insel fkk strand madchen a hologram back then. Such things were not important to her. And then she became human, and all of a sudden, those things did become important.

Just looking at John made her stomach flutter and her knees weaken. Every time he touched her, her skin felt as though it were burning with an unquenchable fire, even if he had simply touched her shoulder through the fabric of her clothes. These things frustrated Cortana. She was meant to infiltrate computer systems, sort information, translate data, and the like. Even as a human, she still possessed these abilities, albeit on a different level. These things she understood.

Things like these intense feelings and desires had always been halo cortana hentai porn gif her. Not now, though. One thing she did enjoy, however, was the sensation of touch. Artificial Intelligences usually did not possess this. They had sight and hearing, but not the other three. They may have had chemical analysers to assist in the way of taste and smell, but tangible contact was out of their range completely. Upon becoming halo cortana hentai porn gif and acquiring these new senses, Cortana hi res teen self pics been utterly intrigued by them.

Smell was amazing, taste was even more so, but her favourite was definitely touch. It added a whole new dimension to her existence. Right now, she could physically feel the clothes on her body, the warmth of the sun on her face, and the sand beneath her feet. Cortana remembered the moment when she experienced the best part of touch. She had been taking a shower, and for the first time, she noticed that it felt weird against her skin. Not a bad kind of weird, but a good kind.

She also like the feeling of her hands against her skin, and she decided to do a little experimenting of her own. This served to increase the good feeling, and before long, she started to feel a slight trembling sensation in her body. She continued her ministrations, and soon she felt what could be best described as a well of pleasure building up inside her. Eventually, this had reached its peak, and Cortana experienced some kind of explosion of sheer pleasure.

It was only by clamping a hand over her mouth that stopped her from crying out loud. It was later on that Cortana realised she had experienced her first orgasm. And a little voice inside her head seemed to say you are finally a woman now.

She suddenly became intrigued with the idea of experiencing many more of the sexual pleasures, particularly those done with another person. And there was only one individual who Cortana wanted to do it with: John. Unfortunately, John seemed more clueless in this area than she was.

Not that surprising, since his augmentations had reduced his sex drive. Still, she caught the subtle glances he sent her way, and every now and then, she would actually brush up against him, ostensibly by accident. And yet, it was enough to make him falter in his tracks. This showed that she did have an effect on him in that way.

Unfortunately, those sorts of movements were not enough when Cortana was feeling the way she did. And as much as she wanted to bring the topic up with him, she had no idea how to do so or how he would possibly react. It was downright frustrating. Cortana groaned in frustration.

Lamenting on the problem would not help solve it. Besides, she halo cortana hentai porn gif to just relax at the moment. Looking around, she determined that she had found an ideal spot. The beach was nearby the UNSC base where she and John were both stationed, but far enough away so as to guarantee a little bit of privacy. Even so, she looked for a part in the dunes where it was depressed enough to be surrounded, ensuring that anyone there would be hidden. Nonetheless, Cortana looked around the area to make sure that nobody was around.

The only other person was about a kilometre away. Heading back into the dip in the sand, Cortana unpacked her bag. She took her towel and laid it out on the sand. After that, she stood back up and started to undress.

On base, she usually wore a newer variant of the UNSC officer uniform, which possesses a zip that ran down the front. Sizes were determined by the wearer, but Cortana often chose to wear one that fitted her curvaceous figure; another decision made to get a response from John. Cortana pulled down the front zip, then peeled the top off.

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