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If I did one of those word collage things for all the phrases I speak in any given week, I know which one would be the largest. Mark is a fantastic father. But the fact that remains that his current work schedule keeps him away from home more hours than any of us like.

Not today. Please tell me this was a hypothetical example, AliciasTweeting! When your husband is home and, in our case, awakeyou might just arrange for him to be the parent who finds the dirty diapers, snotty noses, mysteriously wet car seat, etc.

And you only feel a little guilty. Approximately one married but looking in maoming after naptime, you begin calculating just how soon you can put the kids back in bed. After another long day of entertaining and feeding your darling children, you find yourself thinking that Chuck E. Cheese sounds like a good plan for dinner. Thanks to DiaperDiaries for that one!

So true, feelslikehome. So true! You go ahead and buy your favorite snacks, because you can eat whatever you want after the kids go to bed.

Canned ravioli, adriennemay? Once married but looking in maoming finally get the kids back married but looking in maoming bed, clean up the dinner that you threw together and toss another load wo kommt hairy maclary live clean laundry on top of the dryer, you can watch whatever you want on TV!

What signs would you add to this list? A married single mom? I resonate with your top ten list for sure! Tam, I am so behind in replying to comments, but you have to know that finding this in my inbox first thing in the morning was a GREAT way to start my day!

I hear you. Ohhh, I hear you. For me, it was the water heater shortly after my husband deployed. Oh yes…and then later some plumbing pipes broke! I was VERY thankful my dad lived only 10 min away. The extra responsibility of providing financially and spiritually as a single woman for three little ones, ON TOP of the all the heavy duty regular mommy work is almost unbearable some days. Sure, it feels like you are going it alone some days, and we all deserve a married but looking in maoming, but hug that man of yours, tell him how grateful you are for his support and then put in a DVD while you escape in the tub.

My husband may not be here much these days, but he does everything within his married but looking in maoming to be an equal partner. Really, Missy? I applaud single mothers because the load is heavy, yet you make do. However, married women whose husbands spend the majority of time out of the home also have a full load.

This post was not done to compare and contrast different situations; Sarah is merely venting and shedding light on what some of us married women face on a daily basis. After reading this, I stopped feeling sorry for myself. Thanks for putting it into perspective for me. I have got to say…. Married but looking in maoming you Missy!

I am married to a man who works 12 hour shifts, days a week, rotating on 11amp, or 11pam and once a month he has a full week off…. On days he works he is either working or sleeping and I miss him a ton. Thank you!!! While it is nice having the financial support…. I guess what YOU want is more important than what I am doing…. In fact, I am happier when married but looking in maoming is not around. I could agree more.

My husband and I both work outside the home full time jobs. For his health he much work out, which he does times a week. I am bitter and resentful that I do all the work with home and kids, while he is out doing something he enjoys and chooses to do. I actually prefer he be home until kids routines are done and they are in bed, and I am on my way there. I have even gone as far as to say when he comes home from a workout refreshed and feeling great….

I feel truly blessed to have a husband that helps me prepare bottles to take to daycare during bath time…only for both of us to then realize the next day is Saturday.

I am extra thankful after my husband was in the hospital last week for six days with an inflammed pancreas. I felt like a single mom. At that time, the house went to pieces, my five month old who had started on solid food was only given bottles because they are faster, and I survived on Lean Cuisine and Pizza Hut a balanced diet.

That made me appreciate my husband greatly AND single mothers!!! I have an entirely new respect. Kudos to Missy, Military moms, and all moms doing the best they can! I hope your husband is feeling better!! And yes, being a mom whose husband works long, weird hours has definitely made me appreciate single and military moms SO much more!

Love it! I hear you on those long shifts. And up until a couple months ago, Mark was working a different shift, often every day. It is definitely not fun — or for the faint of heart!

I love seeing him in the am and saying see you 2mar. I am very grateful for him, but I do married but looking in maoming like a single mom a lot of the time.

I do NOT envy those Sunday mornings alone. Oh man… your post is so funny and so are the comments. So married but looking in maoming of us women can relate. I can totally agree on the comment where not worrying if he is going out of town again because it only means I get to the the bed Married but looking in maoming To Myself… awwww.

I feel ya on the single married life — not fun. Love the mommy gig, but I signed up for a two parent household and yet the Bubs and I have been on our own in another state on a job hunt for 6 months! So grateful to be going married but looking in maoming soon so I can sleep in! And see my husband, of course:.

Six months of being separated by states is a LOT! Oh, how I can relate. Thanks for visiting me at A Season for All Things. This is awesome and so, so true. The biggest blessing about having a husband who travels is having nights just to myself. Also, when my husband is home, I tend to wait on the couch until he gets up to clean up a married but looking in maoming potty and butt.

Military here whose husband is deployed but when he is not then he works 18 hour days so yes, I totally feel like a single married mom. And all these ring so true so often. The last one made me laugh because I completely feel that way but then end up only being able to watch like 15 minutes of a tv program because I am SO tired!

Now morning? I had been a single mom for 10 years so being on my own came naturally. Married but looking in maoming he was home again, it was great, but took a lot of time to get used to. So great. I date cougars australia mo i rana ya on every married but looking in maoming Love my hubs….

I try really tipps von mir, meine jungfraulichkeit zu verlieren not to complain to him; his paycheck is allowing me to be home with our kids.

I love it! I am seperated but we get along great so married but looking in maoming visits when he can. We are trying. He is also military so he deploys as well. I can relate to each one of these. Tiffany, thank you for sharing that. I am so grateful to find others like myself. My husband works 12 hr nights at a warehouse.

And while the money is good, I hate his job. I raise a soon to be 3 yr old and a 1 yr old. I have severe depression and no health insurance. And everytime I try to clean, my 3 yr old is making a mess somewhere else in the house.

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