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Vibrators are typically strong, powerful, dumb pipes. Which is mostly fine! But sometimes you'd like something more Vibease, which is supposedly the world's first wearable "smart" vibratorclaims to vibrator app fur smart phone the sort of sexy thoughtfulness that can get any woman off. It's basically a read along vibrator for erotica. The Bluetooth-enabled vibrator syncs up with an Android phone or iPhone to follow along an erotic audiobook of your choosing.

It'll give you a sexually pleasing roller coaster ride that'll speed up as the story moves along and slow down when you need it to.

Vibease explains:. The Vibease and Fantasy app work like this: When the voice in the fantasy app says: "I'm touching you softly", the vibrator vibrates softly.

And when the voice says: "I'm touching you hard", the vibrator vibrates hard. The vibrator reacts to the story within the Fantasy. The vibrations are personalized to each Fantasy, and it gives vibrations with different intensities and various patterns at just the right moments.

Hell, if the audiobooks in the app don't do it for you, Vibease will even let you record your partner's voice and tweak the vibration levels to get you off. Who needs to make mixtapes when you can make vibrating sex tapes, right? And if that isn't enough for you, the Vibease also allows for long distance control—your partner's phone can control the vibration levels in the Vibease so phone sex will be on a whole 'nother vibrator app fur smart phone. The Vibease is currently in IndieGoGo funding it's already reached its goal with 29 days to spare.

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