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Karibu Presented by Mike Silume. We go on with our daily lives because what other choice is there? But have you ever stopped to think about why the colour of our skin weighs so heavy on who we are, where we go and who we love?

This month, on 27 April, South Africa celebrates twenty-four years since the apartheid regime fell and the country held its first democratic elections. Freedom at long last. Or so we thought. The shackles of racist mindsets have not completely released their grip on all South Africans.

Interracial couples still find themselves at the receiving end of uncomfortable stares, whispered gossip and at times blatant retorts about their partners. A study by the North-West University found that interracial dating trends has changed over the years. Inthe ratio of interracial couples were but in the number increased to This could be linked to a number of obvious factors that include: awareness of race issues, heightened tolerance, increased social contact and education.

Black men were said to be more likely to marry outside their race than black women. With interracial marriage being more prominent amongst the black, coloured and Indian race groups. White people were least likely to mixed race dating south africa outside their race and interracial relationships were more common between black people and coloured people.

A research report by Claire Lisa Jaynes, from the Faculty of Humanities, WITS, suggests that despite the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act of being repealed, interracial marriages are still a highly controversial topic in the country.

Culture and ethnicity were the most influential reasons for the controversy. Many cannot fathom how the cultural traditions are to continue by marrying outside their race or religion. Fear of the unknown is often what causes the divide amongst families when a loved one enters an interracial relationship. Are we any closer to obliterating racism in South Africa? Mixed race dating south africa sad reality is mixed race dating south africa we may never be.

E, George…to name a few embraces multiculturism and mixed race couples. The northern and southern suburbs of the city are more receptive to the notion that love knows no colour. Tighter culturally influenced cities like Durban and Cape Town, not so much. People with strong foundations in tradition have narrow views of what is normal.

Mixed race dating south africa anything out of the ordinary purely because they are not willing to open themselves up to more modern ideals and mindsets. Creatures of habit, humans are programmed this way from a young age. Are you in an interracial relationship? How has your relationship been received? Share your story with us using KayaOnline. Home www. On Air. Related Curly haare brunett behaarte pussy What young mixed race dating south africa have to say about race and….

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