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Both have also gone on to be incredibly hot too! Ashley Tisdale is now 31 and has dipped her toe in lots of vanessa hudgens und ashley tisdale bikini, including acting, singing, modeling and even producing! But what about Vanessa? Vanessa Hudgens has more of a girl next door reputation. She has focused much more on her acting career, but has also done some musical projects. Vanessa has done theater on Broadway, she has been in many films and has even most recently been cast as a lead role for a television series called Powerless.

Take a look at these 15 photos that will prove that Vanessa is hotter than Ashley all day, every day! Vanessa is clearly not a little girl any more. She realizes all too well that she is perfect just the way she is with a beautiful complexion and perfect curves. In this picture, there is proof that natural beauty goes an awfully long way.

Sometimes too much makeup can just make someone look much worse. You are hot all by yourself without any extra help. The film stars Dwayne Johnson and is a sequel to the remake of Journey to the Center of the Earth. Photos like this offer proof that Vanessa Hudgens looks amazing regardless of the circumstances.

Wearing boots, shorts and a tank top with messy hair is still super hot. Vanessa is slumming in the sand in this shot possibly in the middle vanessa hudgens und ashley tisdale bikini a take or in between takes.

Sure, this look is what the director had in mind, but keep in mind that not just anyone looks this great dressed down. Get it girl! Both Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens are incredibly close friends. They have been close for years and are frequently seen photographed together.

This is an opportunity to look at each girl in the same photo. They are both beautiful young women for sure. But Ashley has to do a whole lot more work to look good than Vanessa. Vanessa has a big, beautiful smile which makes just about anyone even more beautiful.

Her hair is beautifully styled, her outfit is fierce and Vanessa just looks absolutely perfect. There is no doubt that between the two, Vanessa has got the greater wow factor! Her hair has a little bit of color and vanessa hudgens und ashley tisdale bikini as it often looks wavy and looking relatively messy. Hudgens loves taking photos and there are plenty of them out there she got in a bit of trouble with Disney years ago for some of her photos.

This is beautifully representative of how absolutely perfect she truly is vanessa hudgens und ashley tisdale bikini it shows why her hotness goes well beyond that of her BFF.

Ashley Tisdale is a beautiful young woman. There is no disputing that, but as mentioned previously, one great way to measure the beauty of a woman is how they look when they have no makeup and are absolutely natural. Sure, any of us could be caught in a pose like this, but the point is that Ms. Tisdale obviously has to work extra hard for her beauty to come through. Not bad This photo was purposely taken, as evidenced by this pouty-lipped pose.

The fact that she is confident and proud enough of herself to take vanessa hudgens und ashley tisdale bikini photo without makeup is a highly attractive quality! She has beautiful pouty lips, a flawless complexion no wonder she endorses Neutrogena products and great eyes!

Hands down, Vanessa Hudgens takes the best photo without makeup, which makes her incredibly attractive and uber hot. Hours of preparation is not always necessary to achieve beauty. When you have a body like Vanessa Hudgens, you buy several really great bikinis and wear them as often as humanly possible!

The bikini has done such wonderful things for the female body over the years, with no better ambassador than Vanessa! Vanessa hudgens und ashley tisdale bikini has a look of sheer determination on her face, leaving us to imagine so very much! Wavy, messy hair and looking great without too much makeup, this photograph gives us a peek at summertime Vanessa.

Sure there are all vanessa hudgens und ashley tisdale bikini of girls that pull off the bikini look just as well, but fewer portray the natural beauty and sexiness of Miss Hudgens! Even though it is awesome to see a young woman looking naturally beautiful, it is also pretty great to see how people look on the other end of that spectrum.

All people from all walks of life like to get dressed up and look their very best and that is no different for celebs like Vanessa Hudgens. This photo shows her looking super sexy with a formal dress and showing a lot of her superbly toned legs! But no A great dress, beautiful jewelry and perfectly crafted makeup can do some really amazing things. Look at this and tell me Vanessa Hudgens is not one of the most beautiful women you have ever seen! The photo could be filtered a bit maybe notvanessa hudgens und ashley tisdale bikini overall, this is Vanessa!

Showing off the top floor of her amazingly perfect body, along with perfectly flowing hair and great makeup at just the right time makes this a tribute to how beautiful Vanessa really is, combined with just wonderful photography. This photographer has some skill for sure, but it is so easy to do when your talent is so perfect. Vanessa is dressed perfectly and shows off every bit of her hotness in this brilliant photo.

Something else to consider about meine frau fingert ihren arsch is how a person can get out of their normal daily look and try something much different. In this picture, Vanessa is doing all kinds of stuff differently, and it looks awesome!

Trying for a dirty blonde look and with a lot of jewelry including what looks like bedazzling above her eyebrows she pulls off this funky look as if it is how she dresses every day.

She has a confident look on her face and the outfit is amazingly stylish. Her eyes and facial expression vanessa hudgens und ashley tisdale bikini a very seductive story as well. Vanessa Hudgens played the part of Rizzo in the Grease Live! TV movie. Bright red lipstick and lots of makeup was the mark of a bad girl in the 50s. Anyone that saw the original movie with Stockard Channing as Rizzo remembers her being very much a carefree bad girl that is way ahead of her time. Rizzo is the leader of the Pink Ladies and seems to have more confidence than everyone else.

Vanessa plays this role and does so absolutely perfectly! Her facial expression shows her confidence and the outfit reflects the s era of the movie, but is still wildly hot even today!

She played the character of Rizzo perfectly So here is Vanessa Hudgens displaying a darker, more secretive look with shorter, straight hair. Her hair is always beautiful, but this photo shows her with an even different look. Instead of the messy wave to her hair that she often does, she went with a more conservative and straight look for this picture.

She has dark eyes and usually displays this darker look with her makeup, but vanessa hudgens und ashley tisdale bikini expression is very thoughtful and mysterious.

She is showing her shoulders and looking quite fashionable as well without feeling the need to wear any jewelry. At first glance, she gives off a Mila Kunis vibe with this look, which is by far not a bad thing! Vanessa vanessa hudgens und ashley tisdale bikini just showing off her dark and sexy side, vanessa hudgens und ashley tisdale bikini her overall hotness is off the charts! Vanessa is on location for many of her smoking hot photos.

Here, she is outside leaned against a rock. Wearing a stylish outfit that is young and professional. We all agree by this point that she has it in her to be uber-sexy in just about any situation!

Vanessa can insert her brand of hotness into just about any situation. Her hair and makeup perfectly accent everything we already love about Vanessa, without being overstated. Ahh, the red carpet! The red carpet giveth and the red carpet taketh away for so many. The carpet has always been very good to young Vanessa. She also knows how to work the carpet to her advantage.

In this picture, she is posing with a look of mischief on her mind. The outfit is off the charts hot, showing off her amazing legs and vanessa hudgens und ashley tisdale bikini frame. Vanessa has always looked vanessa hudgens und ashley tisdale bikini at formal events and on the red carpet, partly because she has fun with photographers.

This confidence and freedom she displays to paparazzi help the rest of us to see her truly shine! Not just any celebrity can pull off her confidence and her high level of sexy all the time.

So is vanessa hudgens und ashley tisdale bikini really fair to choose who is the hotter between two beautiful young women like Vanessa Hudgens and Kurze haare brunette nude beach Tisdale?

I mean, these two best friends are each highly attractive young women with lots of talent and a little luck to have had such successful careers and to maintain such a close friendship. She will long be remembered for acting talent as well as her gorgeous appearance in many different looks.

Some may find Ashley much hotter than Vanessa. But one thing is clear Joel Pascagliatti is an avid outdoor enthusiast and musician. He loves to write about pop culture, including interesting perspectives on every day subjects. With everything in vanessa hudgens und ashley tisdale bikini as a potentially captivating story, Joel is proud to share his thoughts vanessa hudgens und ashley tisdale bikini the world right here on The Richest.

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