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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. A friend and I were having a joking discussion after he ran into an old flame. We were debating whether phone sex or facetime mutual mast was cheating on your SO.

He said no because there's no physical contact. Anyone ever done it? If one has to have any kind of sex with someone else in a committed relationship then there's a big problem. To me, if you are doing something with another, without your SO knowing, and you think they wouldn't be ok with it, then you're cheating. Would his SO be ok with they're having sexual convos with someone else, and do they know about it and is fine with it?

If the answer is facetime phone sex in the hague to those, then yeah, cheating. Even if not touching, it's still sexual. Like a poster here. May have been trolling. But lets say it's not. Poster likes a guy who has a girlfriend. He spent the night at her house, in her bed, with them cuddling each other. She says they didn't have sex, because she didn't wanna be the other woman. But she already was. They'd been talking about liking one another, and being interested, then he spends the night in her bed with her.

This was not innocent and platonic. They had feelings-sexual or romantic- for one another, so that already erased the platonic part. And his girlfriend didn't know about it. So, I asked her if his girlfriend would be fine with him spending the night with other women, but she didn't answer. That may have been a "no. So, physical contact is one way to cheat. But it's not the only way. Yes, it's cheating. Yes, that is cheating. And there is a reason the term "emotional affair" exists.

Physical contact is not the only way to cheat on your partner. Facetime phone sex in the hague In a place beyond human comprehension. Yes to me that is cheating. If you are in a committed relationship and doing something sexual with another person sexting, kissing, having sex then it's cheating. Don't commit if you're gonna do that. What's the point? If it's facetime phone sex in the hague you've never met and never will, it can be thought of as a more alive version of porn.

It really depends in your head whether it is cheating or not. Also depends if you are taking emotion and time away from your SO. If you hang up the call immediately after and have no commitment for recontact then it's more likely to be not facetime phone sex in the hague. You could infact be adding energy and life to a relationship that otherwise couldn't have been there A shared, personal sexual activity with another is cheating.

Looking at porn is not cheating. It is passive, not a shared personal activity. As a smart person told me: If it is a sexual thing you would not do in front of your SO - it is cheating. Originally Posted by magpiehere. Please register facetime phone sex in the hague post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait.

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