I'm really tired of you accidentally texting me when your doing illegal things. I'm taking away your phone. I think its only fitting my first purchase with my student loan is a glass pipe?

I think ill name it 'Subsidized'. Was this before, or after you took my brand new bag of shredded cheese, and "Made it rain"? I just puked so hard I pissed myself. Outta my steal my virginity in trondheim. I just won hangover of the century. Last thing I remember was wondering why there was a mirror on the wall behind the urinal and then realizing I was pissing in the sink. Please tell me joes at work safe and sound and doesn't smell like jail?

Steal my virginity in trondheim is there a reason your dad steal my virginity in trondheim passed out naked in my shower? Congrats on the family dong. It was super embarrassing when I had to tell my brother, in front of my mother, that my wifi password was Drinkupbitches. Thanks for providing that lovely family moment. I got you a "sorry you think I'm pregnant" present.

I opened a bud lite with a fencing sword last night. Yeah you banged that guy. You've opened Pandora's butthole my friend. There's no going back. Fav 23 Fav Love Montana. I think ill name it 'Subsidized' Fav 14 Fav 16 Fav 18 Fav 5 Fav 9 But to the original question please.

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