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The manga has been licensed by Tokyopop, and the first two English volumes will be released on May 11, and June 9,respectively. Funimation has licensed the anime for distribution in North America.

Each episode runs roughly 26 minutes and after the ending credits finish, a small segment plays -- running about to minutes -- from Mur Mur's Muru Muru PoV or has her interact with the character that the small segment is about.

Esuno has also authored two side-story manga, each one spanning five chapters: first Future Diary: Mosaic which focuses on another Diary Holder, Minene Uryuand tells unrevealed plot points of the main story; and inFuture Diary: Paradox published in Young Acewhich tells the exploits of Aru Akise and Muru Muru set in an alternate timeline.

Yukiteru, a lonesome recluse, fills most of his time by writing a diary on his cell phone. His only friend is imaginary, a god called Deus Ex Machina. However, Deus who turned out not to be imaginary mirai nikki future diary hentai wants to play a game with Yukiteru, a game of survival.

There are twelve contestants with Yukiteru being the first of them. In order to win the game, the contestants must use their diaries to eliminate one another, and be the last man standing. For Yukiteru to survive, he must team up with another diary holder, a girl by the name of Yuno. Each player is assigned a number based on the order that Deus modified his or her diary.

The diaries now record the future in the same manner their future selves would have written down events that have already happened; the only mirai nikki future diary hentai to this rule is when the holder reaches a "Dead End", a time mirai nikki future diary hentai their lives would be finished without significant intervention.

Each diary varies in properties and functions depending on the holder's personality, occupation and lifestyle. All the diaries have their advantages mirai nikki future diary hentai shortcomings, some more so than others, and can be used without the diary owner's consent should they fall into another's hands.

Because the diaries are written from the perspective of the holder's future self, mirai nikki future diary hentai future can still be misinterpreted and the diary entries can then turn out to be inaccurate. Each of the diaries have become the diary holder's future, so if the diary itself is destroyed or broken, so too is the holder's future. The anime series uses four pieces of theme music, two opening themes and two ending themes. A dubstep artist that has recently used mirai nikki future diary hentai of this manga in CruciA's music in the song "Yandere Lovin".

During mid-Novemberthe seventh volume of the Future Diary manga ranked as the twenty-first best selling manga in Japan. Sign In Don't have an account? Start hot tamil tantchen, sex fotos Wiki. Contents [ show ].

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