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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply The Godmother Part Two And a Half by narwhalpuppy reviews Stan and Roger pull an all nighter at their jobs, As Klaus receives an email that his elderly overbearing aunt Emilia is coming for a visit.

Fish with a Blog by Boolia reviews Klaus writes a blog. Hear what he has to stay about the world, topics, movie reviews, and current events. Klaus's visit to Dr Penguin is about to change everything for him.

Some contents of this fanfic are based on current events. CIA Season 1: Where is Francine Smith An American Dad Story by Firebid reviews This is an fanfic where Francine smith is missing and stan must found francine and things will get weird when stan finds out that his father is behind her hayley smith in american dad francine porn his kids missing as well as finding out that klaus is hayley's father and jack has a half sister and we meet more of stan smith's family that he don't know he had and there will be more missing people as well as aliens.

American Dad:Hot water pt 2 by the Silver cat feeds reviews okay so remember the episode hot water in season 8 of American Dad where Stan buys a hot hayley smith in american dad francine porn that kills him and the episode ends as soon as he is Dead? Well what if the episode had a aftermath to it? In the second episode Roger goes on a trip using a new garlic like substance and saves two beautiful singers with the help of a water fairy named Daisy.

Note: You technically should read Stamp Collection Agency first before this one. With it, the alien wants to make a Rescue Reboot. When Steve, Toshi, Barry, and Snot agree hayley smith in american dad francine porn be in it.

A real emergency occurs! Roger helps him out and Stan tells Roger a delightful tale that may or may not be as tall as the Empire State Building. A tale of meeting Annie Oakely in person. He found a photo of her from the day she was born and he finally agrees to his mature daughter. Meet Alienjuice by IntheFlesh reviews After exiting back into the human world, they find there caseworker juno. She tells them to avoid the living, since they avoid you, and other stuff.

They don't listen to one of the rules, which is to visit Alienjuice. They do anyway, and realize what a pycho he is. Meet Alienjuice by IntheFlesh reviews After entering back into there home, the smiths have completely remodeled there home. Juno, Carl and Andrea Dodgers, Caseworker. Says that there stuff was burnt to ash. So when she leaves after telling them to not come hayley smith in american dad francine porn contact with Alienjuice, they do.

Only to find out he's a Pyscho bitch. Roger Storms Area 51 by TheCrazyPerson44 reviews Roger the Alien discovers a thumbdrive with info about his missing space alien companions.

He disguises himself as a human and organizes a movement on Facebook to free the aliens. Will he be captured in the process? Hayley smith in american dad francine porn before that he had a new persona as Stan's French poodle? This fanfic will be explaining how Al Tuttle got back to an average weight. Short One Shot. The smiths have a new home, and it is believed to be haunted?

Carl and Angela a married, and loving couple want them out of there house. So they call Alien Guise, for help. Will they ever get rid of them, or do they have to live with it all. Stay tuned for Hayley smith in american dad francine porn 2.

This fanfiction is set when Hayley is eight. Steve is five. Roger's Plan by Demonic Irken reviews Roger plans to kill his family. Written early Stan and Roger go undercover as plumbers. American Dad Pen The Final Season by pen reviews The Smiths and friends endure fun yet challenging adventures in this final season.

A one-shot that may be extended later on. Terms of Service.

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