Average 4. He underwent imaging and biopsy as seen in Figures B and C. What is the most appropriate treatment for this patient? Review Topic Tested Concept. A lateral radiograph of the L3 vertebral bone is shown in Figure A. Figure B and C are pre-operative biopsies. From the following options, what is the most likely diagnosis? Which of the following should be obtained to complete initial workup of this patient? What is the most giant cell tumor distalen radius diagnosis?

She underwent a bone scan which showed increased activity isolated to the proximal fibula. Radiographs and histology are shown in Figures A and B. Which of the following is responsible for this type of bone destruction? What is the most appropriate treatment? He is otherwise healthy and denies trauma. A chest radiograph reveals a lung nodule. Which of the following tumors most likely to metastasize to lung? Which figure shows the most common sites of giant cell tumor distribution in bone?

Giant Cell Tumor. Ben Giant cell tumor distalen radius. Patrick O'Donnell. Amputation technique resection of phalangeal or metacarpal lesions with ray transfer or allograft reconstruction.

Histo 1. Please rate topic. Upgrade to PEAK. L 2 Question Complexity. Question Importance. L 3 Question Complexity. L 1 Question Complexity. L 4 Question Complexity. Sort by. All Giant cell tumor distalen radius 0 Podcasts 1. Pathology Giant Cell Tumor. Team Orthobullets 4. Listen Now min. Matthew K Wingate. Ghazwan Hasan.

Recurrent giant cell tumor at distal femur with pathological fracture C Mohamed Solyman kabil. Please login to add comment. Cancel Save. Epiphyseal lesion. Aneurysmal Bone cyst. Chondromyoid fibroma CMF.

Case A. Case B. Case C. Case D.

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