This should help you in choosing the perfect condom for you. So, without further ado, here it is — the detailed condom size chart. Disclaimer : condom-sizes. When you buy through links on trojan magnum kondom auf penis site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Regular condoms will best suit you if your girth is between 4.

Guys with girth bigger than 5. To get more accurate suggestions for your size check out the condom calculator tool. You can read more about how to choose your size here and here. Studies confirmed that a better fitting condom will minimize the risk of condom slippage and breakage which means you will be better protected against STDs and unwanted pregnancy. You can read more about available sizes in this condom size guide.

If want to take an extra step and find the best possible trojan magnum kondom auf penis, check out the custom fit condoms read more below.

Using a condom calculator tool will also bring you as closest to your ideal condom size as possible. Prerequisite to using it to measure your penis size and you can read how in this post. These include sizes larger and smaller than anything currently available on trojan magnum kondom auf penis U. In Europe, however, there are no such regulations so men can choose between much broader range of condom sizes.

A condom brand from UK called TheyFit recognized the need for better fitting condoms and came up with a revolutionary concept — custom fit condoms with 66 different sizes! They are also the only brand in the world offering condoms that are check all TheyFit sizes here. Peter started condom-sizes. My erection is 6. Any opinion is greatly appreciated. Having not had to wear a condom in the past 4 years I forgot how bad fitting they were.

I remember using them in the past and having a few breakages, general lack of feel or red raw the next day and not being able to orgasm. I know the length is a lot longer than I need but the width is right 58mm? They all kill my erection eventually and do not allow me to cum, makes for a really frustrating time! Please help! After reading more comments here it looks like the Trojan Magnum might trojan magnum kondom auf penis a good place to start?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated! Hey im 16 and I was wondering what size for 7. Either im and idiot who cant read or your condom graph is confusing my bets on me being incompetent or lazy but I have a 6. Hi I am 16 years old, and I trojan magnum kondom auf penis tried many different condoms but none seem to work.

My girth, however, is mm keeps changing each time I measured it. What condom should I use? Thanks so much. I can point out a few suggestions if you can order from abroad…. I have a somewhat average length penis but very thick. All the regular condoms are uncomfortable and squeeze too much. I tried trojan magnum and Durex Pleasuremax. They both fit comfortably and snug at the tip and but still too tight at the bottom. My penis is about 7. Thinking about trying trustex xl and vivid large anyone else have this problem where only XL condoms fit comfortably but are too long?

I thought it was 8. I was thinking tho, could I camp, fkk jugend diane arbus away with the 64mm? It stayed about I would really appriciate the advice. Hello, im new to buying condoms…. I would like to know what condoms would be a perfect fit!

I already have 1 single trojan enz and 1 single trojan ultra ribbed. Id also like to know if theyd be the perfect one because i know my local store carries both. Help appreciated! Hi, I am 5. Which condom size should I choose? Trojan magnum kondom auf penis US brands are not readily available where I stay. Any suggestions on Durex and Kamasutra brands? Start with a 47 or 49mm width eg.

Durex Close Fit. Got any suggestions on what to get? I then tried and still are Trojan Magnums. They still seem kind of tight and seem to leave ring marks trojan magnum kondom auf penis stop blood flow.

Should I try the next size up in width? Maybe Trojan Magnum xxl? My guess is that a 56mm condom width would fit you fine. Please help. If the condom begins to wrinkle a bit, but not slide off, is it a good size? I have an issue. Any other suggestions for 6. Also — If you HAD to pick a recommendation from the list above what would you suggest?

I am open to try anything. Being thicker at the base is annoying! I wrote about it in this post. If I would have to pick something from the list above…maybe Trustex extra large wider and longer than regular or Lifestyles Kyng little bit wider, regular length …two more suggestions: — pick a large condoms variety pack and try them all — try female condoms.

Never used a condom before and I have no idea what will fit. Will a durex extra sensitive trojan magnum kondom auf penis fit well or no? This whole nominal width confuses me. Durex extra sensitive might be a bit too snug. I suggest that you pick Durex and also pick another brand with a 55 or 56mm width look in the chart. Should I use the larger condoms?

I have a 5. Girth is the most important factor when choosing a proper condom. These comments trojan magnum kondom auf penis hilarious! It seems everyone believes they have these enormous penises. Sorry guys most of u have around 5. I always have to be patient and work it in, no fast hard quickies for me; so just be happy with what you have and please stop lying to yourselves.

Get the regular fit condoms. My boyfriend and I have a somewhat weird issue. The real issue is at his base, up to runde und braun schwarz frauen 2 inches along his shaft. He has a very large vein along the upside of his shaft and it happens to bulge outward a good 1. Please if anybody has an answer. Help me out. It seems like everything I try is too trojan magnum kondom auf penis. What do you suggest?

Previously I have been using completely the wrong size and was far to small at base Durex Extra Safe. A tapered option would be best as the girth is widest part and gets narrower at top. Any advice would be appreciated.

Durex extra safe is way to small for you. Hello, I am new to this and being new I have one really stupid question. I am mm long and girth is mm. It says in your chart that the smallest size is mm.

Are there condoms with a bigger reservoir tip?

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