Ron was not there, in fact, the only person in the entire common room was Hermione and she was doing some homework on the desk beside the window. Everybody was probably out snowball fighting or eating in the Hermine granger nue dans harry potter Hall, Hermione was probably the only student in the entire school who had homework on her mind…probably the only student who had unbearable stress too because of her pregnancy.

Harry was certainly stressed too, but right now, after what he and Luna had just done, and because of his new relationship with her, stress levels were low. Harry went across the common room and sat opposite Hermione, Luna's hairs still held in his fist. Harry grinned and shown her the hairs that hung in his hand, 'yup, smart thinking Hermione, the changing rooms.

He turned from her brown eyes to the white grounds outside the window. It was snowing lightly again, as Harry saw the snowflakes falling he thought of schwarze kurze madchen schwanger porn Luna had told him about Hurbtrotters. Well, sometimes Hurbtrotters can make people stressed.

Harry was too lost in thought as the snowflakes reminded him of Luna to pay attention to Hermione, but the word Snape brought him to.

Harry snapped his gaze towards Hermione, 'w — what…Snape? Hermione squinted her eyes at him, 'were you even paying attention hermine granger nue dans harry potter — oh, ow!

It takes much longer than that to be hermine granger nue dans harry potter birth doesn't it? Harry stood back, his hands still in the air in surprise from when she threw them off her. With all her things collected she turned to him, her eyes hermine granger nue dans harry potter watering slightly, 'we don't give birth this fast you — you…but we can still feel it sometimes! Sure she was not giving birth, Harry knew that, but he did not know what caused Hermione to act this way.

That's it, I'll see you tomorrow; bring me something else for the potion too! Harry took a few quick steps forward and stuck his head up the stone steps to see Hermione's feet just disappearing from view, 'Hermione, it's only the afternoon you'll need to come down for dinner!

Harry took his head from the stone steps and went over to the armchair beside the fire, one of his hands running through his messy black hair. He often stared into the common room flames, something he often did when he wanted to think.

Snape, why did Snape want me? And why now? Harry thought to himself. Harry fell into the red armchair. He was not too bothered by Hermione's little outburst, in fact, it was to be expected considering hermine granger nue dans harry potter pregnancy.

Even when women want a baby, pregnancy can telesex med cam sex under svangerskap them stress they never thought would be part of it. Harry wasn't mad at Hermione at all, he felt quite sorry for her actually. She was being most kind about the whole issue, claiming it was not his fault at all despite it being him who ejaculated inside of her.

What else made him feel sorry for Hermione was that he was out doing tasks to stop this from happening, and these tasks might have been stressful to imagine because there are so many things that could go wrong in them, but they at least provided a powerful stress relief if they went right. After Harry finished with Luna and walked back to the castle with her hand in hand he felt not a worry in a world. Hermione however, she was sitting back in the common room hermine granger nue dans harry potter homework, the only thoughts that swam through her head, Harry thought as he admired the fire, was how long it would take Harry to get the ingredients for her.

No stress relief for her, especially when the baby starts squirming in her belly. Harry continued to stare into the flames, his mind swirling with them as it considered the possibilities with Luna, his new girlfriend. Her shaved pussy, oh how tight that pink thing was, her warm and wet lips, her breasts that were bigger hermine granger nue dans harry potter Hermione's, her long dirty blonde hair, her crazy personality that was so intriguing.

But sex, that wasn't the only thing on his mind with Luna, this wasn't only lust. Right now he wanted to be with Luna, he even hermine granger nue dans harry potter the common and oh so painful love symptom of missing her I'm sure if you've loved then you'll feel those words. A trip to Hogsmeade was coming later this week; the note on the Gryffindor pin board reminded Harry. He wanted to take Watch my gf asiatisches madchen with him this time.

Harry let hermine granger nue dans harry potter imagery of him holding Luna's hand and her body leaning on his as she combated the bitter cold as they visited the Three Broomsticks live in his mind for a few moments, a smile down to fuck in nassau on his face unknowingly as he done so.

Then his thoughts altered as the cackling flames twisted. His thoughts now lingered on Snape, why in the world did Hermione tell him that he needed to visit Snape's office in a bit? Was she trying to get him to get more Veritaserum? She already said he got plenty for the potion. Then it hit him, Snape must have found out it was Harry who stole his prized Veritaserum, either that, or he just assumed it was Harry.

It would not have surprised Harry if that was the real reason, Harry despised Snape, and Snape loathed Harry. Harry also wondered how Hermione knew Snape wanted him, she probably did not spend all her time here in the common room after all, probably went to go eat some lunch in the Great Hall when Snape came by and asked for Harry's whereabouts. And his whereabouts was in the changing room with Luna, of course. Harry's concentration hermine granger nue dans harry potter broke as the common room door swung open and Ron appeared with Ginny.

Ginny noticed Harry sitting in the armchair beside the fire and left hastily up the stairs like Hermione did, she looked furious, her brilliant red hair bouncing at her shoulders, her breasts even jiggling a little, Harry noticed, as she darted up the stairs yep every step they went up and down, up and down.

Ron shook his head and sank in an armchair beside Harry, rubbing both his eyes. Harry raised his eyebrows at Ron as Ginny slammed her dormitory door shut. Harry knew he should be actually apologising to Ron for holding back so many secrets recently, but these secrets Harry kept were those kind of secrets that should never be spilled for the greater good. She didn't even say hello or anything, she looked terrible, did something happen? But he hermine granger nue dans harry potter not help but think as Ron went up the steps to his dormitory to pretend to go asleep: was Ginny mad at him?

Harry left the common room about five minutes after Ron hid himself away hermine granger nue dans harry potter his dormitory from Harry's questions. Dragging his feet down to the dungeons to find Snape in his office was the last thing Harry wanted to do right now, his heart had just filled up with love from Luna Lovegood fucking Lovegreat and now Snape was about to pop it with his miserable hate.

The dark atmosphere of the dungeons alone brought down Harry's happiness, and the stress of Hermione's pregnancy kicked into him again. Snape's hermine granger nue dans harry potter office door stood before Harry and it was shut. As Harry approached it, he heard voices inside, so he decided to stop and listen.

Was she taking the blame for Harry's vandalism? How did she even know about it? Or before you was here? Harry could tell Snape was trying his absolute hardest to make Luna confess Harry's wrongdoings. He was probably staring directly into her grey eyes to try and penetrate her mind. Harry hoped she knew to stare at her cute little feet instead of his dirty eyes. It wasn't hard to do.

Harry bit his tongue; he did not want to just burst in because Snape might have questions ready for Harry to detect whether Luna's lies were truly lies. But he did want to burst in too, what on earth was Luna thinking? Harry didn't want her to serve a punishment because of his actions. You would not just enter my office, invisible too, to knock over a few phials of dragon-eye blood! You were either with Potter, or you weren't here at all!

Did he set you up to this? Do you have any evidence that proves he was here? Snape would surely drag out the sentence of her potential detention hermine granger nue dans harry potter trying to prove his accusation wrong. Harry knocked on the door three times. It swung open and looking down at him, with his greasy black hair and curled lip was Professor Snape. Luna agyptische frauen sex im alten agypten near Snape's desk, her cheeks growing slightly pink as Harry's eyes met hers.

Harry stood beside her, knowing that whatever happened he would try his hardest to make sure nothing happened to her. Snape slammed his office door shut and swept past them both behind his desk. He put both his palms flat down on it and tried to stare into them, Harry looked at Snape's hermine granger nue dans harry potter, and to his relief Luna was too.

Snape's desk creaked slightly as he pushed himself hermine granger nue dans harry potter to appear taller, 'well its rare, would be horrible if some of my stock went missing. Wouldn't it? Hermine granger nue dans harry potter recognised the box; it where to find hookers in buaale the same one he had hermine granger nue dans harry potter the Veritaserum out of yesterday.

He'd rather confess to Snape that he stole his Veritaserum and cursed verbally every day than let him invade his mind and watch him fucking Hermione or Luna, or Hermione holding her stomach and saying "the baby".

No, that couldn't happen. Harry looked into the box, it was as he remembered it, a small box with a range of phials inside it, and all of them were Veritaserum, the small phials inside the box splashed with transparent liquid.

Did Snape know he was missing one phial? Was Veritaserum that valuable to him? Harry and Luna both stood side by side, looking at the box Snape had shut on his desk.

His palms were pressed down onto the desk again. Harry did not really know what to say, he waited for Snape to make his move instead of acting.

Harry knew saying this would cause further suspicion, he had already overheard Luna claiming she had spilled his phials of dragon-eye blood, so according to Snape's evidence, Luna had indeed done something. Harry felt Luna staring at him, his face felt slightly hot. Harry swallowed then spoke, 'no, that was…' '- me and Harry Potter, okay, I admit it Professor, it was me and Harry Potter, we broke your phials, we're so sorry.

But anyway,' Luna gazed at the ceiling of Snape's office dreamily; it dangled with all sorts of odd ingredients such as the tails of unicorns, the tongues of Garden Gnomes, all sorts.

Harry spoke instantly as they begun making their way back up the stairs into the light. I mean I'm grateful but you don't need to do that! They marched up the stone steps and now stood still, closely together, at the mouth of the Great Hall. They went under the sleeves hermine granger nue dans harry potter her school robes and found her small delicate hands that were hiding from the cold and gripped them fondly.

Yes, they were at the open mouth of the Great Hall, but who cares if they were spotted?

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