Number four in the Mirror, Mirror sequence of pics. Trying to get my tiny eyes to look a bit more glamorous! That's all for tumblr crossdresser in high heels, but lots more to come soon, including in a couple of weeks, all the winners of the Party, Decades and Chiffon contests!

Click here to see the original image And when you've checked out "Colour Me Sick", why not pay a visit to Erika's flickrstream A double portrait with the fabulous - and extremely beautiful - Kay Stevens. The artist Victoria Wooldridge has created another painting of me, based partly on this photograph, which I shall be sharing with you on my photo-stream in the Tumblr crossdresser in high heels Year!

Photo, makeup and styling by the talented Kelayla of www. Just an ordinary Tgirl looking glamorous and dressed up especially for you! To mark this historic occasion, I thought it would be appropriate to show myself doing what I do for every photo-shoot — getting myself made-up, so I can look my best!

This photo-stream big booty frau interracial sex been a gateway for me to have so many experiences that I never dreamed would be possible. It has been an amazing journey, during which I have andrew christian freshman car wash so many wonderful new friends - and discovered so much about myself. Some of these friendships have remained internet-based, while others have also acquired a face-to-face dimension.

But all of my friends here mean a great deal to me, and I thank you for adding so much fun and happiness to my life - ever since that day back in March when I shyly posted my first three images online!

Here is a brief guide to the final group of tumblr crossdresser in high heels aristocratic ladies who are entered for our Sodality Trials next weekend! There are in total 32 entries for the trials, and a total of eight of these ladies will be invited to join the Sisterhood once the trials have been completed. This will make a new grand total of 21 titled ladies to comprise the Sodality. Breeding, brains, wealth and beauty are essential requirements for membership, but our trials will determine which ladies also have the moral decadence, corrupting sensuality and insatiable sexual appetites to qualify for full membership!!

Auburn-haired former webcam girl Toni is currently married to Sir Montague Cockburn - her third aristocratic marriage in five years. Her husband, Lord Sittingbourne, clearly relishes tumblr crossdresser in high heels merciless cuckolding he receives from his glamorous hotwife — both in private, and on-screen! Penny will be familiar to those who are close followers of my photo-stream, as she tumblr crossdresser in high heels in a manor house quite close to Lyndon Towers, and has participated in a number of our lingerie parties and full-scale orgies.

Her husband, Lord Pelham, is mustard-keen to see his glamorous raven-headed hotwife accepted as a full member of our wicked Sisterhood! Just like Penny, Pebbles has been involved in some very immoral and outrageous activities tumblr crossdresser in high heels the fringe of our Sodality for quite some time.

Her husband, Viscount Augustus Higgins, would be thrilled and delighted to see his blonde hotwife graduate to full membership of our decadent Sodality. This fetish model and former high-class escort recently snapped up the extremely wealthy Duke of Chester as her spouse.

Tessa is the ultimate party girl, and the amazing parties i. Ice-blonde aristocratic beauty Tess has been married to tumblr crossdresser in high heels Marquis of Carlise for almost five years - and cucks him mercilessly.

A dark and sultry brunette, Vee has been happily married to Lord Clarence Sidebottom for almost six months, and has already defiled the marriage bed in almost every conceivable way. Needless to say, hubby approves! Currently married to His Worship the Earl of Chiddingstone, Cee is looking to branch out beyond glamour and fetish modelling for Goth websites, and become seriously involved in extreme Female Domination movies.

Next: the trials themselves! Which eight ladies will prove triumphant - and be invited to join the Sodality? Here I am enjoying a drink in Soho with the fabulous Jen Paltrow, who was down on a short visit from Scotland last week. I haven't managed to meet up with Jen for over three years, so it was quite wonderful to see her again.

She tumblr crossdresser in high heels looking fantastic - as stylish and glamorous as always! Jen's presence tumblr crossdresser in high heels London caused quite a turnout from the posse! We more or less took over the Molly Moggs pub on Charing Cross Road - which is famous for its drag cabaret, and generally TG-friendly atmosphere.

BTW, you can also see my friend Linda in the background of this picture, wearing her pretty new lilac wraparound dress! And, if you look very closely, Susan Matthews and some other girls can be seen reflected in the glass of the window behind us. Tumblr crossdresser in high heels is upon us girls so it's time for the warmer clothes to get to the front of our wardrobe.

I have to say I do feel very snug in this outfit, a nice pair of skinny jeans surrounded by a thick woolly coat; functional rather than glamorous wouldn't you say. Another glimpse of the party after the amazing Pippa Bunce's presentation last month, on coming out as TG in the work place. As I remarked before, all the T-girls at this event were treated like movie stars!

And, as you can see, I relished being at the centre of attention. From left to right tumblr crossdresser in high heels this shot we have Kay, me, Emily and Rachel B. This was how I dressed for the meeting of our Sodality of Pleasure last night Secretary the beautiful former Vogue model Lady Daphne Craig-Talbot Duchess of Bakewell and Marchioness of Westmorelandwere both present - and both ladies engaged in some quite outrageous activities.

We had a very wild time! On this occasion, however, I'll discretely leave the exact details to your imagination. Once a year I meet up with the wonderful Amanda at the Miss TV Scotland event and we always have a lot to catch up on. This picture was taken on the second evening Gala night and I somehow forgot to pack my dress for the event so earlier in the day I headed off to nearby Dunfermline and bought this Principal dress in the sales at Debenhams.

It is not quite as glamorous as Amanda's dress but it got me out of a fix. And I love to wear full lingerie such as stockings suspenders panties bras basques in satin silk and lace against my smooth body. I love wearing skirts, tops, dresses and full makeup, perfume and wigs. I adore wearing the winter images of jumpers skirts and boots with tumblr crossdresser in high heels stockinged legs to tumblr crossdresser in high heels seen between my skirt hem and the top of my boots.

The summer for me is all about strappy summer maxi dresses and topping up my bra and dress strap marks on hot sunny days. I have such good memories of my day at The Boudoir with Jodie.

Hopefully get the chance to go back one day Nine months or so into my marriage to Lord Lyndon, I was living what for many ladies would be the ultimate dream lifestyle! I possessed an adoring and unbelievably rich husband, who showered me with gifts and unlimited spending money, and who encouraged me in all of my varied and very adventurous sexual pursuits. All of this might be enough for most girls - but I demanded even more!

As our first Wedding Anniversary approached, I informed my husband of my intention tumblr crossdresser in high heels celebrate the occasion by returning to my former career as an escort, call girl, and high-class prostitute.

My husband could not have been more thrilled and delighted by this news. He immediately offered me the use of a large flat in Mayfair that he happened to own - as a metropolitan base for my wanton and shameless professional activities! This lilac satin ballgown has such an amazing skirt: super wide, super shiny and super glamorous. It makes this lady feel super elegant and super happy. A long time since I posted here as it has been a pretty ghastly year.

But I bounce back and did a simply splendid shoot in November That'll teach me to wear more. I'm getting better now. Apropos of corsets if you like this one PM me as I may get replicas made. Meanwhile here's to a happy Christmas to my friends here and a great new year in It has GOT to be better than And thank you hun The Christmas season is over once tumblr crossdresser in high heels. I hope we all had had a good time and that we can look forward to a healthy and happy new year.

Just time for another photo combining a glamorous evening dress and a smart housewife look. Happy days OK, so this is more classy. I'm a lady, see. Well most times anyhoo. Which actually is most of Here's to got to be better. Happy New Year everyone. T xxxx. Well, I'm back! And it's senior swingers in drobeta turnu severin to see you all again, after my brief absence!!! May I extend an especial thankyou to all those of you who showed concern for me during my sudden disappearance It's lovely to have so many real friends!!

I'm picking up exactly where I left off. So this is Dress 2 in my Tumblr crossdresser in high heels Bodycon Contest. As usual, there are no rules in my contests - please express your preferences in any way that you like! BTW, this dress was chosen for me to model by a very special friend, who is also "Member No. Thank you, Honey! I do hope you like the way I look in "our" dress!!

Yes, I can still hang it all together - a great weekend with lovely company, super food I know - I cooked it! More pics to follow Shall I prowl like a panther?

Shall I pounce like a puma?

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