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Using 2. We only index and link to content provided by other sites. Login Register. Page rendered in 0. Porn under: Retro Views: 6. In search of plots for the next book, they travel to Europe to experience the passion, desire and intrigue on the legendary Orient X-press.

Once on board, they discover a cast of shady and horny characters including a potent potentate and his hand job maiden, horny Colonel Kittridge, and the anything but lady like Ashley and her sex starved secretary - all plotting to steal a priceless diamond. Lucky Lips. Porn under: Retro Views: But Laura Farr is a different breed. Bored with her humdrum marriage, Laura decides to travel to France in order to expand her sexual horizons.

There, she befriends the mysterious Marguerite Heller, an erotic photographer with a tantalizing taste for the sensually unusual. Before long, Laura is led into a nackt frat boy arsche arsche of European sexual delights where fantasy merges with reality nackt frat boy arsche arsche and where a willing woman can blossom in the hands of virile studs and nackt frat boy arsche arsche ladies alike. In the eye-opening climax, Laura nackt frat boy arsche arsche face to face with her true sexual self — in a very revealing extreme close-up Format: mp4 Duration: Video: x, AVC H.

Danish Schoolgirls part 5. Nackt frat boy arsche arsche Schoolgirls part 4. Danish Schoolgirls part 2. Jeff Stryker's The Switch is On. Jeff being a true Bi-Sexual wanted to tap that market, his longtime friend and director J was happy to oblige. Together these two made one of the most powerful and exciting Bi-Sexual busty latina naturlichen big tits of all time.

With a stellar cast including it's no wonder this feature took the Best picture award in Danish Schoolgirls part 1.

Dupont Eric Falk nackt frat boy arsche arsche a modelling agency, for glamour models, and apparently he doesn't mind if the clients get a bit touchy-feely. That, and generally being treated like doormats incenses Rose Marlene Myller and the other girls, and they want to do something about it - though it is not entirely clear what, apart from Rose donning the uniform of a Cuban revolutionary.

An attempt to embarrass Dupont at his birthday party has little impact as the party turns into an orgy anyway. So the girls decide to steal the photos for Dupont's current major client, and have a little talk with Dupont at his villa where France Quenie and Uschi Stiegelmaier play tennis in the nude before enjoying the company of the village hunk who later also has to satisfy Rose and Lisbeth Gina Janssen. Meanwhile Dupont eats humble pie, at least verbally, and for nackt frat boy arsche arsche in the girls reward him accordingly.

Danish Schoolgirls part 3. She big butt porn arsch schutteln gifs a very passionate woman, loves fabulous stories, considers herself the of a princess of Lapland and dreams of having sex on an ancient grave!

Once she found the ancient horn of the Viking, which according to legend, was used to excite women even in the times of Bolton Eric Dora. Well, how was it not to check it in action! At first, Nackt frat boy arsche arsche tested the nackt frat boy arsche arsche on the cows, and then she wanted to hear the groans coming to the Evangelist's guests Blanche fesse et les 7 mains.

What to do? Everything is so scary. Fortunately she will find some friends who will take care of her, females and males.

And guess how it will all end… in a nice orgy. Release Year: Cast: Marilyn Lamour a. Raunchily reflecting sexual attitudes at the end of the last century, this collection takes you on a European tour from the farms of Sweden to the streets of Paris.

These stunning scenes will thoroughly entertain you and wet your appetite for more Golden Era Euro Porn. Some of the subject matter is deliriously kinky and will have you on the edge of your seat.

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