This regularly updated feature just looking for someone real in slovakia tracing Slovak geneaology includes tips for accessing records. To search the Slovak state archives, however, one still needs to do it the old-fashioned way, negotiating language barriers and a complicated register system, and perhaps even doing a lot of travel.

A genealogy search begins at home, just looking for someone real in slovakia say, noting that the first step in the process is talking with relatives about family history to make sure where, specifically, their ancestors lived and begin the process of gathering family documents.

After carrying out their research at home, those who wish to continue should visit a local register office in Just looking for someone real in slovakia, which carry registers dating back to Next comes the related regional state archive. If one needs to go further back another option is the State Archive in Bratislava where registers from ashley doll met art ass 16th to the 19th century are kept.

Most foreigners interested in such explorations come from the United States and Israel. Genealogists say that Slovak archivists are generally able to just looking for someone real in slovakia English-speakers, but note there is often a language barrier in some local register offices. To minimise complications, foreigners should inform the respective archive office about their visit in advance.

Sometimes archivists have a problem identifying the home country of the foreigner requesting the research if they provide only an e-mail and not a home address. Slovakia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire when people often migrated to what are now several different countries. People gave extraordinary names to their children in the past, it is not just a recent phenomenon, Brindza says.

Archives In following archives, the parish registers up to around and other necessary documents are maintained. One can study them personally or ask the archival staff for anything from basic assistance to comprehensive genealogical research. Archives representatives strongly recommend contacting them via e-mail in advance. Some records in registers are written in Latin, others in German, Hungarian or Slovak.

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Roman Cuprik. This article was published in the latest edition of travel guide Spectacular Slovakia. Searching in old registers requires language skills.

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