The guild Twilight Ogre was packed full of people this busy Friday evening. The sun had barely set and the guild hall was already full of rowdy men, many of them burly construction workers or muscular soldiers from the local military garrison, who were getting their fill of whores who worked there. Women whose ages ranged from girls in their late teens to middle aged beauties who were skilled in their sexual techniques. This was normal for the men who were pent up and wanted some release in the well known but cheap guild.

Twilight Ogre was no high-class brothel by any means, but they did boast some decent girls for sale. Only two girls were not feeling the loud and boisterous atmosphere-the youngest prostitutes in the guild, Mavis Vermillion and Zera Lancaster. Both girls were just a few months short of fourteen, well below the national average for legal prostitution, but the madam, Porlyusica, was kind enough to allow them to work as "extras".

They were an open secret, allowed to work and were given free food and clothes, but not allowed to live in the guild until they were of age. Not a lot of men were into fucking little girls, but there were enough of "those" people to keep the young ones busy for the fairy tail hentai slave comic. At the moment, Mavis was being pressed up against a table with her client pressing himself behind her, dwarfing her smaller body with his huge physique.

She didn't fairy tail hentai slave comic his name, but he was a mountain of a man. He was humongous, with an oversized torso that gave him a gorilla like appearance. This wasn't helped by his huge arms that bulged in the sleeves of his too-tight pinstripe suit. He had a sizable under bite and a square jaw fairy tail hentai slave comic looked like it was fairy tail hentai slave comic from granite, and his dark hair was combed over to one side.

Overall he had a stereotypical old school gangster look about him. Mavis was clad in only a thin white blouse with nothing under it and a short green plaid skirt that barely reached mid-thigh. One of his large hands was groping her petite chest from behind, kneading her vagina lippen geschwollen nach sex breast and pinching her nipples with surprising skill.

His other hand was on her fairy tail hentai slave comic beneath her skirt. She stiffened as she felt his meaty fingers slip between the soft satin of her panties and her ass. She made sure to keep her hands on the table hot horney women in shantou stay still as he felt her up. I'm glad I've pleased you. Guys like him always made her uneasy because she was afraid they'd break her with their giant dicks.

His fingers caressed the copious flesh of her surprisingly plump ass. His other hand never left her breast as he pinched and rubbed it in his grip. With his index finger, he began to tease along the curve of her asscrack, feeling the generous butt cleavage she had to offer. After roaming up and down her growing curves, he spread her cheeks and dug between them with a finger.

Finding his target, one of his thick digits pressed against her puckered asshole. Mavis bit her lip as she felt her body stretch to allow him inside fairy tail hentai slave comic. His finger was as thick as most of her clients' cocks, fairy tail hentai slave comic it was prying her hole wide open.

Mavis didn't reply as she felt him push deeper. It didn't hurt thanks to her fairy tail hentai slave comic with getting fucked in both her holes, but it did feel amazingly full as he stretched her taut rectal cavity with his finger. It didn't last long as he slipped her hand back out leaving her feeling oddly fairy tail hentai slave comic. Now his hand pushed her panties down, sliding it down around her thighs.

Even over the sound of cheers and moans, Mavis could hear the sound of his zipper and when she felt his fat cockhead press against her uncovered pussy lips, she braced herself for the rough ride ahead. She suddenly found out that everything about him must be huge as he none to gently thrust into her.

Mavis moaned as her tight folds spread around the thick tool. Nothing could have prepared her for this brute's dick a she impaled her upon it. She couldn't keep fairy tail hentai slave comic honest look of surprise and pleasure off her face as he entered her, while he was enjoying the feeling of her wet inner walls gripping his member as he began to drive blue lick baseball louisville ky deeper inside as well.

Following his initial thrust, the man began to thrust with his powerful body fucking her harder and deeper. Instinctively Mavis began to push back onto him, her ass bouncing up and down as he thumped inside her. She tried to tell herself that she was just trying to get this over with but that was a lie. It just felt so fucking good, and she wanted more! His thick, powerful cock was teasing its way up and down her love channel making her feel things she tried to deny when having sex.

Her face turned red and sweat ran down her brow from exertion. It didn't take long for Mavis to orgasm. His powerful hands were all over her small body, controlling her as his cock teased her cunt like a sex toy.

She let out a raspy, tortured moan as she went over the edge. White hot pleasure poured through her body as her inner walls clamped down even tighter on his cock seeking to milk the cum from his balls so he would flood her insides with it.

As she came, her eyes rolled back and her tongue hung limply from one side of her mouth. Her thug client wrapped his fingers in her golden hair and pressed her face into the table, holding her there as he drove deeper and harder into her. She fairy tail hentai slave comic still cumming when he joined her.

With a hearty masculine grunt, he came while his cock was buried deep inside her cunt. Mavis' eyes slid shut as her orgasm went on, made hotter from the feeling of hot spunk coating her pussy. Thick, burning seed painted her vaginal walls, splashing out everywhere in the tight confines. He kept pumping all his jizz into her, making sure that both her womb and moist canal was filled with his virile goo.

Despite this, even his massive tool couldn't keep it all inside her as it began to overflow around his cock, dripping to the floor between her legs.

The smell of semen rifted up from the sopping mess of cum on the floor. The insides of her thighs were coated in white, leaking down to her bare ankles, with her halfway removed panties catching some of the dripping seed so they were positively soiled with spunk. Mavis wasn't sure she'd fairy tail hentai slave comic able to walk straight for the rest of the night after that fucking. She gratis extreme schwarze beute porno a bit as he slowly pulled out of her cunt, and felt what must've been a gallon of seed spilling out of her the minute he popped his cockhead out.

The floor under her was just a mess with cum between fairy tail hentai slave comic legs, as were her soiled thighs, and she knew Porlyusica would throw a fit at the mess. Those were new shoes too. Oh well. Shoulda known that would happen again. Mavis tried to catch her breath before he moved onto her ass and she heard a sharp cry coming from a nearby table.

Looking up, Mavis saw that it was Zera, who was being fucked by one of her regulars. The brown haired girl was also being fucked from behind by the local duke of Fairy tail hentai slave comic, Duke Dogenbal. He was a large man who grew fat off the wealth he inherited through familial connections alone and wore expensive and fancy robes that hung off his chunky body as he fucked Zera like an animal.

Zera's outfit was a lot more…childish compared to Mavis'. She was wearing a black and white idol dress with a frilled skirt that also didn't reach past her thighs and fairy tail hentai slave comic thigh-high stockings. White cuffs hung on her wrists and her brown hair was tied into pigtails.

The outfit gave her a cute, wholesome look that drove Dogenbal into a mad frenzy and fairy tail hentai slave comic to him claiming her as his own. He paid handsomely for her, so Zera couldn't outwardly complain, but his zeal was something she could do without. Zera didn't give Dogenbal the satisfaction of another surprised cry as she was claimed by him, as he was the last person she wanted to do this with. Her arms strained to keep her upper body aloft as the fat man behind her feverishly rut into her, and she tried to ignore the rough panting she heard behind her.

As he got into a rhythm, Zera's body shook and heaved, with nowhere to go but down as she took the unrelenting pounding that whipped up quickly. There was no stopping Dogenbal when he got heated. His libido was inexhaustible and he was so tightly wound by his constant sex drive that he didn't hold anything back, hammering onward to fuck Zera into submission, the hot embrace of the slick, tight pussy around his cock proving all he really needed.

Coming in from behind, Dogenbal licked the back of Zera's neck, tasting her sweat and felt himself get harder. He was like a wolf in heat, needing to breed and giving in to the urge to pound into the nearest available women and fuck them senseless.

Zera was used to this of course, his unhealthy obsession with her young body, which was only slightly more developed than Mavis' being that she was a few months past fourteen compared to Mavis being a year younger than her. But his interest in her left with very few clients due to Dogenbal scaring them off and it got repetitive after a while. Constantly having to look at his ugly face while she rode his lap, or drinking down his spunk after a fifteen fairy tail hentai slave comic fellatio session got old quick and he just annoyed her to no end.

She just wanted this to end so she could go home. But Dogenbal was unstoppable now, feverish and hot as he pounded away at Zera, groaning in excitement at the chance to fuck her into pure, creamy submission. His big cock refused to stop. It couldn't. He only had one objective, and that was to breed this little bitch, causing him to drive into her harder and faster as the excitement surged through him.

Dogenbal brought his hand down across Zera's ass as he groaned, "Maybe I'll knock you up right here in front of all these people. Zera snorted. That was unlikely, given that all official brothels had enchantments on them that prevented fairy tail hentai slave comic from getting pregnant from breeding parties like this one. She ignored his ramblings and focused on the fleshy slapping sounds fairy tail hentai slave comic their bodies smacking together. Having my child.

All he wanted to do was plough into Zera until she could take no more, driven by a burning need to dominate his favorite girl thoroughly, taking no notice of her disinterest in him. Bringing his hand down on her ass gain, he asked louder, "Wouldn't you? Anything to get him ebenholz ficken madchen ausgesetzt sind schwarz. com shut up already. The only good part of these fuck sessions was that his cock felt decent spreading her pussy open like this.

She was fairy tail hentai slave comic reaching her second orgasm, though she hid her thai massasje sandnes tube femdom with skill most whores don't develop until a few years into their service.

If you want me to let you get off and cum inside you, then I'm gonna have to hear a little begging too.

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