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Harry pushed Ginny against the wall of the Broom Supply Closet, sexy nackte ginny weasley sex and tongues entwined together. He hadn't seen his gorgeous girlfriend for a while, and his lust and love had built up until it was almost animalistic. He had missed her, her love and her lips. He had to make up for lost time. Harry pressed his body against Ginny's, feeling her breasts through her Quidditch uniform.

She had just come off the pitch from winning the House Cup. Ginny was still dressed in her royal red Quidditch uniform. Under the shirt, she wore a black undershirt and trousers.

On her hands were leathery gloves and on her legs, boots and kneepads. Her breasts formed visible bulges under her uniform. After sexy nackte ginny weasley sex few minutes of wild kissing, Harry gently broke off, lingering on her juicy, pink lips. He looked into her freckled face. He was very lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend. Her face was flushed and long eyelashes batted over love-filled chocolate-brown eyes. Fiery red hair splayed out over her shoulders and down her back.

A smile graced her appetizing lips. Ginny laughed. Perhaps, they had gone over the top. They had never been this aggressive before and especially not in the closet of the Quidditch changing room, where anyone could come sexy nackte ginny weasley sex and find them.

He was sexy nackte ginny weasley sex to back off when her hands wrapped around his waist and pulled sexy nackte ginny weasley sex in to her. She enveloped him in another passionate kiss. She was definitely enjoying the roughness. Well, she had always been a vigorous and adventurous lover. Harry met her kiss with equal passion and whirled his tongue around the inside of her mind.

After a few more minutes, Ginny tugged his shirt over his head and threw it away. She ran her small, warm hands delicately over his muscular torso, running them daintily over his scars. He'd definitely regained his usual body strenght after starving for all those months on the run but his Auror job had also allowed him develop his muscles. He shivered at her touch.

In return, Harry pulled her gloves and number seven Quidditch shirt off, so she was just in her undershirt. He groped her breasts a bit, causing her to moan a little, then pulled the undershirt off too. Her top half was now only covered by a purple bra. He licked the gap in the middle, where the rounded inner edge of her boobs were, and she gave an involuntary shudder.

Then Harry slipped off her bra, and her perky boobs sprung out. Sexy nackte ginny weasley sex covered one of them with his mouth, causing another moan from his lover. Her boobs were incredibly soft and her erect nipples were the opposite. He swirled her nipple around in his mouth, while she gripped his hair, struggling to control herself. While Harry sucked on her boobs, he suddenly realized that Ginny was unzipping his trousers. She yanked them down revealing his blue boxers.

He quickly slipped off sexy nackte ginny weasley sex boots and kneepads. Then he unzipped her trousers and pulled them off so she was just standing in her purple knickers. They made out furiously, warm bodies mashed together and smothered against the wall. Harry sexy nackte ginny weasley sex feel his erection hardening, and he became more excited.

He pulled Ginny's knickers down, revealing her young red-capped vagina. In return, she pulled off his boxers and his large penis sprung free. He plunged two fingers into her vagina, and she squealed. She felt soft and moist and it closed in on his fingers. He pumped into her vigorously.

Just as he sensed she was about to have an orgasm he concocted an idea, dirtier than anything they had done before. But, after all, they were having sex in a broom cupboard. Harry drew back his fingers then spun Ginny around so that he could see her scrumptious bum, with cheeks like peaches.

He gave them a quick stroke. He grabbed a nearby broom and pushed it vertically between her bum cheeks. She shouted in suprise. He rapidly rubbed it up and down the insides of her bum cheeks, harder and harder and as he did so she screamed louder and louder.

He kept rubbing it until he could see red marks start to appear. His fingers regained their place in her vagina and pumped her from the other side, as he vagina moistened. Harry threw the broom aside, releasing Ginny from her pleasurable torment.

She gasped and started to rub her bum. He had rubbed the insides of her cheeks red. Then he grabbed her again and thrust his penis deep into her vagina. Taken aback, she gave a scream and pushed her head back against the wall as Harry pounded into her, as her petite body was pressed against the wall. His sexy nackte ginny weasley sex was rubbing against her clitoris and her soft, moist walls clamped down on it. He could feel his penis pressing against her cervix. Harry had been thrusting into her for a while when he heard the door to the changing room open.

Luckily, they were concealed into the closet, but the door was open a crack so that he could see out. Ginny was too far gone to notice but he looked as Hermione entered the changing room, glancing around. Are you here? The party is already going," she said. The fact that Hermione was right there and might discover die schone und das biest hentai drove him even more and he increased his powerful thrusts in to poor Ginny, who was pinned against the wall.

He held her hand over her mouth so xxx orange kleid big tits sex Hermione would not hear her mewling. They must have left," she shrugged, and left the room. That all too familiar feeling had been building up in Harry for a while and now he was desperate for release. He quickened his thrusts to try and end it and soon met with success. With a loud groan, he finally released stream after stream into Ginny's vagina and it was quickly dissolved.

While he was on the way down, her vagina shuddered and she orgasmed heavily. Harry pulled out of her and leant against one wall of the closet, breathing heavily but smiling.

It had definitely be nice one of their best sessions. Ginny slid down the wall, utterly shattered. In hindsight, he may have been a bit aggressive and was worried that she hadn't liked it.

Was it too much? I hadn't seen you in so long, and I love you so much, all these feelings built up inside of me. I'm sorry if I was too agressive," he said apologetically. Ginny had a confused look on her face. Then, she stood up and gave Harry a tender kiss. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. The moments of Harry and Ginny's love lives all conveniently in one place.

Starts after the Battle of Hogwarts. Canon compliant. Contains lemons. First Time 2. Harry's Birthday Gift 3. Exploration 4. Hogsmeade 5. Shower 7. Valentine's Day 8. Creamy Fun 9. Abandoned Classroom Room of Requirement

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