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Jenny Liz. Part 2 of one of the wildest, raunchiest wet t-shirt contests we have ever filmed. Pussy eating trains, spread shots, shy girls fingering themselves This contest got way out of hand. Kevin was this MC and he kept pushing and pushing these girls!

This was the best place in Tampa for wet t-shirt contests! Alexis Blonde Iowa Allison. This is the whole night from the view of one camera. Come into the club, watch a wet shirt contest.

Then hop in the limo for a lesbian sex ride back to the beach house. Then, watch the girls do more crazy stuff! Ava Catherine. This was an EPIC night. Here is the unedited footage from the dressing room to the stage. Make sure to check out part 2 also! This was a great contest. There was even a girl who wanted to win so badly These girls were hot, and they realized real quick that this wet t-shirt contest required them to get totally naked if they wanted to win!

Allison Tiffany. Contest piss t shirt wet contest is great, because Hot Carl makes the girls get totally naked to win! This is another view of the same contest! Thought some of you guys might like to see it from a different angle. These girls were having so much fun! We talked them into entering our wet t-shirt contest, and they were like, "Hell Yeah! Wet T-Shirt Contestants. These contests got out of control! Gotta get totally naked to win, maybe even play with your pussy, too!

This is a great contest. Our friend Louie C Rock is a madman! Pouring water on these hot girls as they strip, twerk, and grind on his buddies!

Get naked to win contest piss t shirt wet Ava Jenny. This contest turns shy girls next door into super sluts!

They get totally naked on stage, then start fingering their pussies to try to win! Alexis Blonde Iowa Brandy. Natalia Stephanie Tampa. Early in the night, girls started getting wild. Up on the stage, showing tits and ass. Then the wet tee contest piss t shirt wet contest happened with contest piss t shirt wet hot girls!

This is a real college pub, and these girls had no problem getting up on stage for a "show your tits" wet t-shirt contest! Brittney Haley Blonde Spring Breaker. Girls get on stage for this bikini contest Categories: Wet T Shirt Contests. Nightclub Flashers Spring Break Girls. This contest was kinda short, but we still love any contest where innocent college girls get wet and show their titties!

This contest is one of the best of the year every time we film it All rights reserved Worldwide. Click here to replay the video. Girls get naked in wet key west twerking contest Wet T-Shirt Contestants.

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