While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. The media had always assumed they were dating anyway. What big difference was it if they had to pretend to be teen girl self shot gespreizten beinen for a couple months? Enjoy this fluff, creampuffs. The season finale is nigh and it's gonna be awful.

So here. Take this gift. Laura and Carmilla, childhood friends, offspring of famous people, fake engaged, all the tropes. All of them. Teen girl self shot gespreizten beinen name in this story was originally Dan, so if you listen to the incredible podfic by Shmaylor he will be called Dan Hollis.

But teen girl self shot gespreizten beinen it's Sherman. See the end of the work for other works inspired by this one. It was her own fault, really.

She was the one who insisted she and Carmilla go out tonight, take a break from stressing over their finals. The Snap or The Whip or something equally derivative. They were all the same; dark and loud and full of an odd mix of young Hollywood hot-listers and, as in the case of Laura and Carmilla, the children of established Hollywood A-listers.

Regardless, this was where it would happen. This is where Laura would finally snap and krav maga someone to death. He was huge, noticeably sweaty, and he reeked of beer and body spray. Laura always kept a ring in her pocket just for situations like teen girl self shot gespreizten beinen. The second the self-proclaimed action star caught her eye, she surreptitiously slipped the ring onto her ring finger. Now was the time. Her ace in the hole. She saw his eyes zero in on the ring and his eyebrows shot up his forehead.

She held her breath. Usually that teen girl self shot gespreizten beinen it. There she was, all black leather and red lipstick, shoving her way between Laura and the meathead with an eyebrow raised and a scowl on her face.

The man had stumbled a bit when Carmilla pushed him out of her way, but now he had regained his footing and was staring between them slowly. The people crowded closest to teen girl self shot gespreizten beinen around the bar seemed to be taking notice of the potential conflict and Laura spotted at least two iPhones pointed at them.

The crowd parted as the guy stumbled back and lost his balance, eventually ending up on the ground with a hand over his face. Blood was dripping out of his nose and he seemed more shocked than injured when his wild eyes fixed on Carmilla standing over him. She shook her hand out at her side and glared down at him as Laura quickly stood from her stool. She really hated LA sometimes.

Then two more muscular guys emerged from the crowd, one of them trying to drag Action Star to his feet while the other turned to Carmilla and Laura. We try to keep an eye on him but he teen girl self shot gespreizten beinen us the slip.

Then he gave Carmilla a small smile. Carmilla just raised an eyebrow, clearly still in fight mode. Just… get some ice for his face. The guy nodded and disappeared after his friends, leaving Laura and Carmilla in the center of a rather large space in the crowd. Carmilla finally turned and looked at Laura, squeezing the hand in hers. Then the smirk came back. Carmilla glanced around, apparently only now becoming aware of the rest of the people in the bar. There were a lot of whispered conversations happening and a lot of eyes on them, and Carmilla let out a groan.

He gestured to his phone. Laura grinned as Carmilla followed her into the back seat. Laura grabbed her hand gently to inspect it, the tip of her tongue peeking out between her lips and her eyebrows furrowing. She was watching her silently, her eyes dark and sleepy like they always were after a night of drinking.

Suddenly Laura was scrambling in her jeans pocket, pulling out her phone and holding it in front of them. Carmilla rolled her eyes again. Laura2theLetter: Look what heyCarmilla got defending my honor. Carmilla let out a heavy sigh and Kirsch met her eyes in the rearview mirror. Laura sat up abruptly, dislodging Carmilla, and immediately regretted it as her head started to pound. She squinted around her as Carmilla groaned. They had somehow ended up on the living room floor between the couch and the coffee table, neither having changed clothes from last night.

It was under the couch, right next to the ice pack Carmilla had been using on her hand. With a sigh, Laura nudged aside the lukewarm bag of blue gel and grabbed the phone.

She tossed it at Carmilla, drawing another angry grunt from her. You know who it is. The Imperial March was reserved for one particular person. And they would both be better off if Carmilla answered it sooner rather than later. With another long groan, Carmilla grabbed the phone and put it on speaker so she could remain lying on the floor. Carmilla just sighed funny dating headline for women slowly flexed her left hand.

Laura paused in the kitchen, recognizing the shift in her voice as well. They were wearing nearly identical expressions of confusion and panic. When did this happen? How long have you been together?

Who proposed? Carmilla opened and closed her mouth several times while Laura tried to get her phone out of her pocket with shaking hands. Carmilla stared at her. They each looked down at their hands where teen girl self shot gespreizten beinen rings were still on their fingers. They were objectively beautiful, identical bands with a line of small diamonds set into the side. Their eyes met again. She picked up her phone again. Laura could hear the dial tone from a foot away.

Carmilla dropped her phone with a thud and ran her hands up into her hair. Laura nodded, shakily approaching the door as her father continued to pound on it from the other side.

The second the door was open, Sherman Hollis was through the doorway, sweeping Laura up into a huge bear hug. Now get over here. The second she was in range, Sherman pulled her into the hug as well. Laura just rolled her eyes.

He beamed at Carmilla. She stepped teen girl self shot gespreizten beinen the apartment and closed the door behind her stiffly. The room went very quiet as all eyes turned to her. She felt herself turning red, so she focused on Carmilla. The three of them sat down at the kitchen island while Lilita paced the living room, speaking quietly to someone on her phone. Between the two of them, Laura and Carmilla managed to explain what had happened at the bar the previous night.

Laura rolled her eyes at the disappointed look on his face. He got to his feet and started bustling around the kitchen. Carmilla snorted out a laugh from her place on the counter and Laura aimed a rather ineffective punch at her shoulder. We can just explain. She frowned as she took a closer look at Carmilla and Laura, all messy hair and wrinkled clothes and smeared makeup.

What, did you sleep on the floor? I expect you both to be presentable by the time Betty and J. Carmilla looked ready to argue, but Laura just got up and grabbed her uninjured hand to drag her out of the room. She poked her head around the shower curtain to glare at Laura, who was at the sink brushing her teeth. Harsh, Carm.

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