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You can specify the maximum number of non-search terms that separate the first and last search terms. You can search for words or phrases in any order, or you can search for words and phrases in a specific order.

Definieren reihenfolge der begriffe sex ist ersten can specify the maximum number of non-search terms, or maximum distancethat separates the first and last search terms in order to constitute a match.

If you specify the maximum number of terms, you can also specify that matches must contain the search terms in the specified order. Sie muss mit einem der angegebenen Suchbegriffe beginnen und mit einem der anderen angegebenen Suchbegriffe enden.

Start with one of the specified search terms and end with the one of the other specified search terms. Sie muss alle angegebenen Suchbegriffe enthalten. Contain definieren reihenfolge der begriffe sex ist ersten of the specified search terms.

The number of non-search terms, including stopwords, that occur between the first and last search terms must be less than or equal to the maximum distance, if the maximum distance is specified. The string " John Jones knows Fred Smith " contains three intervening non-search terms, so it is not a match. Damit wird in zwei Begriffen von " John " nach " Smith " gesucht, jedoch nur, wenn " John " vor " Smith " enthalten ist. This searches for " John " within two terms of " Smith " but only when " John " precedes " Smith ".

In a language that reads from left to right, such as English, an example of a string that matches is " John Jacob Smith ". Beachten Sie, dass die Volltext-Engine bei von rechts nach links geschriebenen Sprachen z. Note that for a language that reads from right to left, such as Arabic or Hebrew, the Full-Text Engine applies the specified terms in reverse order. Im folgenden Beispiel wird die Tabelle Production. Document der Beispieldatenbank AdventureWorks nach allen Dokumentzusammenfassungen durchsucht, bei denen das Wort "reflector" im selben Dokument wie das Wort "bracket" enthalten ist.

The following example searches the Production. Document table of the AdventureWorks sample database for all document summaries that contain the word "reflector" in the same document as the word "bracket".

Ein bestimmter maximaler Abstand z. A specific maximum distance, such as 10 or 25, determines how many non-search terms, including stopwords, can occur between the first and last search terms in a given string. NEAR dogs, cats, "hunting mice"3 gibt z. You can combine NEAR with some other terms. Beispiel: For example:. Beispiel: For example.

All proximity searches always look definieren reihenfolge der begriffe sex ist ersten only non-overlapping occurrences. Overlapping occurrences of search terms never qualify as matches. Betrachten Sie z. The possible matches are as " AAA ", " A. Rows containing just " AA " would not match.

Specifying a overlapping terms increases the complexity of the query by increasing the possible match permutations. If you specify a large number of such overlapping terms, the query can run out of resources and fail. If this occurs, simplify the query and try again. NEAR regardless of whether a maximum distance is specified indicates the logical distance between terms, rather than the absolute distance between them.

For example, terms within different phrases or sentences within a paragraph are treated as farther apart than terms in the same phrase or sentence, regardless of their actual proximity, on the assumption that they are less related. Likewise, terms in different paragraphs are treated as being even farther apart.

If a match spans the end of a sentence, paragraph, definieren reihenfolge der begriffe sex ist ersten chapter, the gap used for ranking a document is increased by 8,orrespectively.

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