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Please wait. Sanandaj City Sanandaj - Kurdestan. Sanandaj Sanandij is located in the center of the Kurdestan province. It is limited to Divandareh from the north and to Kamyaran from the south, to the east are Bijar and Qorveh, to the west are the townships of Marivan and Saqez. Sanandaj is the provincial capital of Kurdestan looking for fwb in sanandaj lies at a distance of km.

This city has a looking for fwb in sanandaj natural environment and pleasant climate specially in autumn and spring. In the past, there was the Seer city instead of present Sanandaj. Sanandaj was under the control of the Ardalan household for duration of four centuries. The said are descendant of the Sassanids. In the war between Iran and Ottomans in Safavid period, this family sometimes sided Iran and sometimes the Ottomans. In AH. After a period of chaos, Khosrow Khan Ardalan took over the power.

From to AH. Emam Allah Khan, son of Khosrow Khan governed in Sanandaj and to some extent he worked for the sake of improvement of Sanandaj.

Now a days Sanandaj is one of the beautiful townships of Iran and Kurdestan province. Asef Vaziri House. Category: Historical HousesHistorical Edifices. Asef Vaziri Mansion named "Kurdish house" as a looking for fwb in sanandaj of Kurds tribe's cultural identity is the most valuable cultural relics of the city of Sanandaj, West of Iran.

Sanandaj Museum Salar Saeid Mansion. Category: MuseumsHistorical Edifices. Gheshlagh Bridge. Category: Bridges. This bridge is constructed with brick, and is related to the Safavid Category: Traditional Bazaars.

From other historical relics of Kurdestan mention can be made of the Sanandaj bazaar and Asef bazaar of Sanandaj. They were constructed according looking for fwb in sanandaj the architectural Khosro Abad Mansion.

Category: Historical Edifices. Khosro Abad Mansion which is located near Shebli Blvd. Its construction is related to the beginning of Salavat Abad Village. Category: Villages. The village of Salavat Abad or Naman is located 15 km. Altitudes such as Mount Kacheh Resh in More Attractions. Explore all 20 Sights in Sanandaj. Loading Content. Share this page:. Iranian are some of the most genuinely hospitable people youve ever met.

They never want anything in return, they just want to show you a good time and hope that you'll spread the word back home that Iran is a safe place to visit. Read More. Please enter this code:. All rights reserved.

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